rewardStyle and are now LTK. Now, all partners will know us as one single global brand name: LTK.

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Harvey Nichols x rS Fireside Chat


Harvey Nichols Fireside chat:

Optimising Influencer Collaborations For Stronger ROI


The session, hosted by LTK...

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Brand FAQ-UK 2021


How will this impact me?

Nothing will change in how you do business with us.

You will have the same daily contacts,...

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Brand FAQ-Australia 2021


Q: How will this impact me?

A: Nothing will change in how you do business with us.

You will have the same daily...

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Brand FAQ-Germany 2021


Q: Wie wird sich das auf uns auswirken?

A: An der Art und Weise, wie Sie mit uns Geschäfte machen, wird sich nichts...

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FAQ 2021 – Agora Somos LTK


Como isso pode me impactar?

Nada vai mudar na forma como você trabalha com a gente.

Continuaremos com nossos...

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Brand FAQ-Korean 2021


나의 비즈니스에 어떤 변경이 있나요?

저희와 함께 일하는 비즈니스에는 변경이 없습니다. 기존의 담당자 커뮤니케이션, 서비스 이용 및 캠페인 절차 등은 동일하게 사용하실 수 있습니다. 순차적으로 웹사이트 주소...

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Brand FAQ-China 2021





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Brand FAQ-France 2021


Quel impact cela aura-t-il sur moi ?

Rien ne changera dans la manière dont nous faisons affaire. 

Vous aurez les...

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We are Now LTK (US): A Message from the Founder


Learn More

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LTK Day 2021



LTK Day is officially back! From Friday, June 11th through Sunday, June 13th, LTK App users can enjoy access to...

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LTK Award 2021 Winners



The 2021 LTK Awards Results are In! 


Each year LTK celebrates the best of our influencer community across...

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Glossy Fashion Awards Finalist, Founder of the Year

rewardStyle and LTK founder, Amber Venz Box, has officially been named to the Glossy Fashion Awards shortlist for the...

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LTK Shopping App Nominated for 2021 Webby Awards

From now until May 6th, you can cast your vote at

We are so excited to announce that LTK has...

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Top-Shopped Products in March

The top sold items from the month of March offer a peek into the current climate of the world...
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Recap: rewardStyle x Walmart Take the Stage at Adweek’s virtual event: Elevate Performance Marketing


ICYMI! Last week, rewardStyle’s General Manager of Brand Partnerships, Kristi O’Brien, took the virtual...

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The Benefits of Evergreen Spend vs. One-Off Campaigns

Photo: josieldn

After working with more than 5,000 retailers across the world, rewardStyle’s team of...

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How To Branch Out from Instagram To Improve Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Originally, influencers relied heavily on blogs as their primary platform to connect with audiences. Over...

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Why Brands Need Micro Influencers to Reach Gen Z

Photo: influencingincolor

Influencers come in many forms, but one of the biggest differences between...

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rewardStyle Influencer Marketers Awards


rewardStyle's first-ever ‘Influencer Marketers of the Year’ celebrates the best in the business: Those...

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Top-Shopped Products in February

February's top products have consumers yearning for spring but still anticipating those...