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Top-Shopped Products in February

February's top products have consumers yearning for spring but still anticipating those...
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Do you want be an influencer, an influencer assistant or work in the Influencer Marketing industry?

In this recording, Alice Comyn, Manager of the Influencer Growth Team at rewardStyle & shares useful...

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LTK Named One of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies 2021


We are thrilled to share that (LTK) made Fast Company’s list of the World’s Most...

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The new enhanced LTK Search feature is here!


Discovery has never been easier within the LTK app! LTK app users can now search within influencers’...

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How Influencers Use Video to Promote Your Products

Photo: Shloka

There are many reasons video is the key to conversion in today’s market. It’s accessible,...

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5 Steps to Create a Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy

Photo: Eleanorbarkes

Brand investment in influencer marketing (IM) is expected to continue growing in...

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Top-Shopped Products in January

With 2020 and the holiday-haze in the rearview, January was a month all about one’s ‘self.’...

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LTK Shopping Video Shortlisted for Digiday Video and TV Awards

We are so excited to announce that LTK Shopping Video is a finalist for the...

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Don’t put all your eggs in one platform! The what, where, and how of platform diversity



Join moderator Robin Ward, Director of Brand Partnerships for rewardStyle Europe, and Missguided’s Brand...

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The New + Improved LTK Search

Introducing the newly-enhanced LTK Search feature! LTK Search is the only search engine that returns image results in...

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rewardStyle welcomes Nikki Kuritsky General Manager, Influencer Growth Platform

rewardStyle is thrilled to welcome Nikki Kuritsky as the new General Manager of its Influencer Growth...

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Influencer-Driven Trend: #LTKfit

Self-care and mental and physical health have been trending in the wellness...
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Top-Shopped Products in December

What were the must-have items on everyone’s asking list this year? Although holiday travel...
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State of the Industry Part 5: The Golden Age of Influencer Marketing

The Golden Age of Influencer Marketing

Given the value influencers have brought to brands over the last...

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Influencer-Driven Trend: NYE

If you need a last-minute New Year’s Eve outfit, look no further than these nine...
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Influencer-Driven Trend: Plaid

As consumers head into the holidays, plaid takes its seasonal place as a wardrobe...
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State of the Industry Part 4: Video: Dominant Content Format of 2020

Video: The Dominant Content Format 

YouTube was our first exposure to the internet video space, way back...

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Influencer-Driven Trend: Puffer Jackets

A warm coat that seals in the heat is an essential piece to any winter wardrobe, so...
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Top-Shopped Products in November

November’s best sellers can be December’s favorite gifts. Holiday shopping may look a bit...
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