7 Secrets to Holiday Success: Influencer Marketing Insights from LTK’s Holiday Shopper Study

October 8, 2021

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Insights Influencer Marketing LTK Platform Holiday 2021

With a community of premium global creators, brand partners, and inspired shoppers, LTK can glean the latest influencer marketing insights to help brands prepare for peak sales seasons.

Most recently, LTK conducted a national holiday shopper study and uncovered seven key insights brands can use to increase holiday sales and revenue. 

Executive members of the LTK team came together for a roundtable discussion regarding today’s shopper mindset, peak holiday purchase periods, holiday purchase trends, 2021 household incomes, and more. 

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Influencer and Shopper Secrets Revealed

In June 2021, we screened 2,000 adult online shoppers in the US – reflective of the US population with 97% confidence – and discovered the following sales-impacting secrets.


Secret #1: Shoppers Are Optimistic 

From our two national studies, we found that 40% of shoppers believe everyday life will return to normal by the holiday shopping season. Over 70% believe it’ll return to normal by mid-year in 2022, post-COVID. 

As optimistic shoppers broaden their gift category considerations, brands that utilize influencers will benefit and be able to reach a wider audience (like Gen Z) and secure opportunities sooner.

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Secret #2: There’s More Household Income

Our study showed that income in 2021 is net positive +8% versus 2020:

  • 34% more income than last year 
  • 40% the same income as last year 
  • 26% less income than last year

With more disposable income on average in 2021, brands can expect an increase in impulse and luxury spending amongst their audiences. Making sure you have the right mix of influencers to tap into this territory will be crucial to holiday sales success.

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Secret #3: People Are Planning to Purchase

On top of higher and maintained income, people are showing an increased intent to purchase. The intent to spend for the holiday season is net +11% vs. 2020.

  • 29% more than last year 
  • 53% the same as last year 
  • 18% less than last year 

Brands across all industry verticals should start implementing an influencer marketing strategy early; consumers will be shopping longer across the calendar, providing more selling opportunities.


Secret #4: Most Purchases Will Be Online

In 2020, there was a drastic rise in ecommerce and it hasn’t slowed down. Data came back from our study showing that 68% of shoppers intend to do the majority of their holiday shopping online, using their smartphones. 

Investing in influencer marketing now will be the key for brands to engage shoppers online this season – early and often. Influencer campaigns will help encourage online shoppers to make impulse purchases and start curating wish lists for holiday gifting.


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Secret #5: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Will Impact Shopper Behavior

These two holiday sales events will have varying impacts on different shopper segments across the entire holiday shopping calendar.

  • 45% of shoppers will do the majority of their shopping during this time
  • 11% of shoppers do not intend to shop during this time 

Brands that work with influencers and plan ahead will be able to cater their messaging and engage the right customers at the right time on the right platforms.  


Secret #6: Shoppers Trust Influencer Recommendations

We found that more than ⅔ of all adults originate shopping from creator recommendations, making influencers the most trusted advisors on social media. Gifts, in particular, rank high on the list of items purchased based on creator recommendations.


Top 10 items purchased most from influencer recommendations:

  1. Beauty
  2. Fashion 
  3. Cleaning supplies
  4. Food and beverage
  5. Gifts 
  6. Home goods and organic foods 
  7. Health, wellness, and grooming products 
  8. Snacks, entertainment, and sports 
  9. Vitamins, educational, and pet Products 
  10. Nutritional supplements and restaurant delivery

Understanding influencers’ audiences will broaden your brand’s opportunities to sell a variety of product categories during the 2021 holidays.

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Secret #7: Influencers Have Strongest Influence Across Social

Creators are the top influence on social media for shoppers. Here’s where others fall in the list of most influential on social media:

  1. Creators 
  2. Expert Reviewers 
  3. Celebrities 
  4. Posts from savings sites 
  5. Social Media Top Pick

High-performing and revenue-producing influencers are in high demand. Brands that want to see ROI should start casting and planning early across the calendar to secure the best opportunities above competitors.


Holiday Season Opportunities Have Already Started

Here’s how brands can get a jumpstart on holiday shopper opportunities right now.



Shoppers will be making lists and impulse purchases for the home and holiday gifts. Work with influencers to help you speak directly to the early birds.



Planners are rushing to get ahead of the busy holiday season. They’re preparing their homes for holiday guests and checking gift lists more than once. Keep your influencer campaigns going strong so you stay top-of-mind and at the top of lists.



Prior to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, savvy shoppers are making final selections before items are picked over. This is a great time to start sharing your planned promotions early, giving influencers more time to plan organic content to boost brand sales. See how brands were able to tap into this key retail period in 2020.



Last-minute shoppers are making up time to gather all final gifts, returns, and repurchases, as well as New Years’ Eve purchases in late December. Don’t let your influencer campaigns drag to a halt just because the season’s coming to an end.



Our creator-powered platform centers your brand in the context of influencers’ lives while capturing 10+ years of unmatched creator-level data to take the guesswork out of influencer marketing.

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Topics: Insights Influencer Marketing LTK Platform Holiday 2021

October 8, 2021

3 minute read

Insights Influencer Marketing LTK Platform Holiday 2021