The Power of Always-On Influencer Campaigns for Brands

April 30, 2024

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LTK Blog Rewrite #1 - The Power of Always-On Influencer Campaigns for Brands

In the digital age, influencer marketing has risen to the forefront of strategies aimed at capturing audience attention. The power of influencers to sway their followers' purchasing decisions is undisputed. However, the approach brands take towards leveraging this influence can vary significantly. While one-off influencer campaigns have their place, especially during key promotional periods or product launches, adopting an "always-on" influencer strategy can offer far-reaching benefits for brands looking to solidify their presence in the market.

Building Authentic Relationships

An always-on approach fosters genuine connections between influencers and brands, moving beyond the transactional nature of one-off campaigns. When influencers continuously engage with a brand, their endorsements come off as more authentic and trustworthy to their audience. Authenticity is key in influencer marketing; when followers feel that influencers genuinely enjoy and believe in the products they promote, the impact is significantly more potent.

Consistent Brand Messaging

One-off campaigns can certainly pack a punch, but their fleeting nature often means the buzz dies down quickly. In contrast, an always-on strategy ensures that your brand message is woven consistently into the fabric of the influencer's ongoing narrative. This consistency aids in cementing your brand’s message, making it more memorable and easily recognizable among consumers. Creators are able to drive full-funnel marketing for brands to create positive business impacts. In fact, 51% of Fashion brands and 45% of Beauty brands say that Creators improved their brand perception.

Long-Term Brand Awareness

Continual exposure is vital in today's fast-paced digital landscape, where consumer attention spans are notoriously short. An always-on influencer campaign keeps your brand in the public eye over extended periods, contributing to a stronger and lasting brand awareness. This continuous presence helps keep your brand on the top of consumers' minds, making them more likely to choose your brand when the need arises. LTK is uniquely positioned, not just in the Creator Marketing industry, but the overall marketing landscape because of our 12 years of proprietary data and immediate access to 40 million consumers, who engage with LTK Creator content. LTK Creators inspire consumers and create trusting relationships by participating in the Creator’s content and amplifying Creator reach by 2X. 

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Driving Engagement and Trust

Engagement and trust go hand-in-hand in building a loyal customer base. Influencers, through their daily or regular content, create a loyal following that engages deeply with their posts. Creators are more trusted by consumers than ads and celebrities. Furthermore, Gen Z and Millennials consistently rank Creators as the most trusted for shopping recommendations and 55% of the brands surveyed agreed. By embedding your brand into this dynamic through ongoing collaborations, you can leverage this engagement, leading to increased trust in your brand. After all, consumers are more inclined to trust recommendations from individuals they feel a personal connection with, a bond that influencers excel in nurturing.

Drive ROI

While it might seem counterintuitive, investing in an always-on influencer strategy can be more cost-effective in the long run and drive a higher return on investment (ROI). When stacked against other channels, Creator marketing ranks #1 for investment growth, beating out channels like paid search and paid social, with 92% of brands saying Creator marketing will have a higher budget or play an increased role in strategy in 2024. With regular, consistent endorsements, brands can see a steady stream of conversions as opposed to the peaks and troughs often associated with one-off campaigns. Additionally, the ongoing nature of these partnerships allows for data collection and analysis, enabling brands to tweak and optimize their approach for better results over time.

Adapting to Consumer Behavior

Consumer behaviors and preferences are continually evolving, necessitating a marketing strategy that is flexible and responsive. An always-on influencer campaign allows brands to adapt more quickly to these changes. Influencers, being at the forefront of social media trends and consumer sentiment, can provide valuable insights into emerging patterns, enabling brands to pivot their strategies in real-time to stay relevant and appealing to their target demographic.

Creating a Holistic LTK Strategy 

LTK helps brands unleash their potential and drive full-funnel success by activating a 360-degree, always-on marketing Creator strategy that considers every stage of the marketing funnel:

  • LTK Campaigns showcase Creator content across channels. Reach not only Creator followers but also 40 million LTK app shoppers and consumers visiting your social media channels.
  • LTK Ads include takeovers, banner ads, email, and social media, and they help you reach 250,000 Curated Creators and 40 million LTK consumers.
  • LTK Boost amplifies Creator content across channels such as Instagram and TikTok. Reach your audience by targeting them where they are with authentic content directly from the Creator’s handle
  • LTK Soirées include LTK Con, Creator retreats, bespoke events, and industry events like LTK Beautiful. Leverage events to reach and develop relationships with curated Creators that could lead to organic posting behaviors.

Ready to get started? 

While one-off influencer campaigns have their moments, especially for short-term goals or specific launches ,and serve as a strong complement to an evergreen Creator strategy, integrating an always-on influencer strategy offers compounded benefits that align with the shifting dynamics of consumer engagement and brand building. Contact us to get started!

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This blog was originally published March 2021, and has since been updated April 2024

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