What Is an Influencer Marketing Platform?

October 21, 2022

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Influencer Marketing LTK Platform Powering your business with LTK Influencer Marketing Platforms

Businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from an effective social media marketing campaign, and an influencer marketing platform is one of the best ways for small to medium-sized companies to increase brand awareness and online reach. 

More businesses are opting to use Creators to increase brand awareness and sales. And no wonder — the influencer marketing industry has come a long way. The influencer marketing industry is rapidly growing and is expected to reach $16.4 billion by the end of 2022. 

Influencer marketing is rapidly evolving with 93 percent of marketers now saying they’ve used influencers as part of their advertising strategy. In fact, more small to medium-sized businesses have started allocating part of their budgets to Creator campaigns — both seasonal and year-round. 

Why Is Influencer Marketing So Popular?

An effective influencer marketing platform can help brands and businesses connect with different types of influencers. It offers tools that help organizations identify and contact Creators whose content and branding aligns with theirs, serving as a central hub where both parties can collaborate through strategic campaigns

An influencer marketing platform, like LTK, helps companies boost their digital presence with strategic and planned campaigns with Creators. LTK generates billions of dollars in sales for brands annually and offers 11 years of historical Creator data with an experienced team of marketers who curate the very best Creators to grow sales for brands like no other. LTK also helps brands drive sales and engagement through our 5-star consumer shopping app. 

How Can Influencer Marketing Platforms Help Small Businesses? 

Influencer marketing platforms like LTK Connect, our self-serve product, help businesses grow sales and improve brand awareness. LTK works with more than 5,000 brands globally and hundreds of thousands of creators across more than 100 countries. This vast and expansive reach allows small organizations to get in front of the right audiences and drive traffic to your business.

With more than 8 million monthly shoppers using the LTK shopping app, brands have access to trackable sales insights, leveraging Creator campaigns at scale to help brands increase their digital reach. 

But not all influencer marketing platforms are created equal. Some may only focus on certain types of influencers or businesses. The right platform should have the following features: 

  • A curated database of high-quality Creators, complete with social media statistics and established asking rates when partnering with brands
  • Robust messaging and payment tools to help streamline communication and foster positive relationships between small businesses and influencers
  • Tools that can help deliver a brand’s unique campaign objectives from the planning to the execution stages
  • A team of influencer marketing experts to help small companies learn and adapt as they embark on their influencer journey
  • Advanced audience reporting to help small businesses understand the demographics of the audiences they want to reach before developing campaigns. 
  • The ability to optimize engagement with exclusive influencer opportunities. 
  • Content licensing that allows small businesses to commission, license, and distribute Creator content for their marketing channels (rather than producing in-house creative), which can help boost social engagement rates and bring brand authenticity to your channels.
  • Detailed influencer campaign reporting dashboards that allow businesses to track and monitor click-through rates and sales.

Learn how small business Revolution Rose leveraged LTK Connect and LTK Creators to drive sales, traffic, and brand recognition in inspiring ways.


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Topics: Influencer Marketing LTK Platform Powering your business with LTK Influencer Marketing Platforms