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June 1, 2022

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LTK Connect

The LTK Connect Visionaries Series spotlights and celebrates visionary DTC businesses that are successfully changing industries on their own terms and have leveraged LTK Connect and LTK Creators to drive sales, traffic, and brand recognition in inspiring ways.



Stephanie Ritchey started riding horses only a year or two after learning to walk. Barrel racing is deeply rooted in her Texas family, and rodeo culture naturally influenced the aesthetic of Stephanie’s brand, Revolution Rose. Specializing in Western-boho apparel, Revolution Rose began as a pop-up shop at barrel racing events in 2018 before launching as an online boutique a year later. 


Stephanie joined LTK Connect in March 2022 with the goal of roping in Creators that aligned with the unique spirit of Revolution Rose and launching a campaign to help the brand grow beyond the Lone Star State. With LTK Connect, Stephanie was able to quickly understand the styles and rates of different Creators and seamlessly communicate with them about a campaign, rather than blindly reaching out via email and social media. 


After identifying LTK Creators who aligned with the brand and budget, Revolution Rose launched its first LTK Connect campaign in the spring with three Creators. One of the platform features Stephanie appreciates most is the ability to choose whether the goal of the campaign is to drive sales or drive awareness, setting up the right strategies to achieve specific goals from the start. And just a couple of months later, the power of Creator marketing is clear. “The use of influencers has grown my business at least 25 percent from January to May,” says Stephanie. “Any time that we use an influencer, anything she chooses to focus on sells out.” 


While sales is an important part of the picture, it’s not the only part that matters to Stephanie. The opportunity to support other women in growing their businesses as Creators and build relationships is what inspires Stephanie to keep riding and greet new challenges with that barrel-racing bravery. 


“I would highly recommend LTK Connect to any business owner looking to grow their business. Knowing I’ve helped other women and supported their small businesses means a lot to me because there have been a lot of women who have supported me and my business. And not only my business, but in life in general. That’s what we all need—we need community. We need to support each other. It’s the backbone of our country.”


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About LTK Connect 

For more than a decade, thousands of brands have worked with LTK to help drive billions of sales through its platform. LTK Connect, the new self-serve platform, opens the door for many more brands—especially direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies—to tap into the power of Creator Commerce™, many for the first time.



With a Beta launch in 2021, and now released globally, LTK Connect enables brands of all sizes to directly build, manage, and scale influencer marketing campaigns by providing tools for contract negotiation, Creator communication, reporting, and more. There are risks and challenges inherent to running DTC businesses. We launched LTK Connect to provide the content, technology, and resources DTC businesses will find most helpful to execute influencer marketing strategies and start seeing results, right away.




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June 1, 2022

2 minute read

LTK Connect