How to Find Influencers That Best Fit Your Brand

August 2, 2023

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LTK Blog #29 - How to Find Influencers that Best Fit Your Brand

Finding the right influencer to represent your brand is no easy task, but you have many strategies at your disposal to identify the most effective Creators to promote your products and services. 

According to LTK’s survey The State of Creator-Guided Shopping, working with authentic Creators can benefit your brand, big time. This year, we’ve continued to witness the ever-growing popularity of strategies that repurpose influencer-created content across social media, print media, and in-store channels. This gives social media campaigns a longer lifespan, resulting in a larger audience reach and more efficient marketing spend. 

Whether it’s Creator content viewed on in-store signage or across traditional advertising, we predict that consumers will continue using influencers to identify new product recommendations. 

LTK research showed that Gen Z and millennials are more likely to trust Creators for product recommendations over traditional advertising. Creators provide the most-trusted type of marketing content across all generations, followed by social media advertising and celebrity-generated content. An impressive 78 percent of millennials and 82 percent of Gen Zers have positive feelings about Creator-driven content, while 78 percent of Gen Zers and 68 percent of millennials say they’ve bought items based solely on Creator recommendations. 

What’s the best way to develop meaningful relationships with influencers that will represent your brand? Keep reading to find out!

Find Local Creators to Work with Your Brand

Whether your brand is just starting on the path into the influencer marketing space or simply seeking out a few ways to enhance campaigns, the right influencer marketing platform can help you identify the best Creators to work with. And whether you’re interested in partnering with a Creator or hosting an in-store event, LTK Connect makes it easy to find the right partner for your campaign. 

LTK Connect now allows you to use a location filter while casting for your campaign. Simply input your target ZIP code and select your desired location radius, up to 100 miles. This feature is currently only available in the U.S. 

This functionality is just one of the many reasons that partnering with an influencer marketing platform like LTK can help your business boost sales, brand loyalty, and audience reach. LTK works with hundreds of thousands of Creators across more than 100 countries. We provide highly trackable sales and influencer marketing programs at scale, helping businesses monitor the reach and effectiveness of each campaign, and our app currently has more than 30 million Creator-guided monthly shoppers

To get started with finding the right local Creators to work with your brand, follow these first steps:

1. Determine Your Target Audience 

Identify your target audience before seeking out a local influencer. This can help you understand who you want to reach, along with the most effective methods to reach them. 

Before going through the process of identifying Creators, it’s important to ask yourself a few crucial questions:

    • What demographics do you want to reach? What are their ages, locations, incomes, and so on? 
    • What type of lifestyle does your ideal customer have? 
    • What type of hobbies and interests do your customers share? 
    • What type of influencer would resonate most effectively with your desired audience? 

LTK Connect can also help your business partner with the right Creators using different factors such as income, interest, location, age, and more. LTK’s Connect Launch, Connect Pro, and Connect Scale provide three options for businesses. These self-service tools give brands the opportunity to reach both micro and macro Creators. 

2. Use the Right Hashtags

Closely monitoring the comments, likes, user feedback, hashtags, and more on your brand’s social media accounts can give you a better understanding of who your audience is and what their goals are:

    • What problem does your company’s products and services solve? 
    • What are your ideal customer’s pain points? 
    • How can you turn your audience into loyal followers who will advocate for your brand? 

3. Don’t Forget About Your Own Social Media Accounts

Did you know that your brand’s social media accounts may already contain local and micro Creators who would gladly partner with you? Browsing through your brand’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram followers can help identify passionate brand advocates who are already raving about your products or services. 

Additionally, make sure to look over your company’s reviews regularly. Local influencers have likely already left a glowing review on your website or on your Google Business profile. This is the best type of influencer to work with because they already believe in your brand. 

Partner with the Right Influencer Marketing Platform

Learn why we’re considered the top influencer marketing platform across the globe. Not only is LTK the No. 1 tech-enabled power partner for Creator-guided shopping, but we also offer everything brands need to enhance their marketing efforts. 

LTK’s influencer platform will help your business boost sales and grow its digital presence by building partnerships with the right Creators. Contact us to get started.


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