LTK Takes Active To Ultra Olympic Heights in Hollywood

June 14, 2024

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LTK Active Shakeout Run





LTK Active kicked off with a shakeout run down Sunset Blvd, led by Ultra marathon runner and LTK Creator, Paul Johnson, and LTK Co-founder and CEO, Baxter Box, amongst the giant entertainment murals, famous music, comedy and dance venues of West Hollywood to the tree-lined streets of Beverly Hills and back.  

Welcome to LTK Active

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LTK’s GM of Brand Platform, Kristi O’Brien, welcomed everyone to the event and shared how the Active industry has grown to a $1.2T industry and will double over the next decade. She also shared that Active is outpacing all other categories on the LTK shopping platform. 

Personally Active Keynote

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LTK Co-founder Amber Venz Box shared how Creator is scaling with consumers and transactions and how LTK AI  enriched data is revolutionizing the game with lightning-fast innovation, connecting brands and Creators with their perfect audiences. She expanded on how LTK has the most data in the industry to accelerate AI learning, which is driving new innovations for Creator selection and communication including LTK 360, LTK Match, LTK Marketplace, the LTK shopping experience for 40M monthly shoppers, and helping Creators scale audiences and increase engagement through LTK Boost from their handles, LTK CTV, LTK Retail Media, and features to drive further consumer and community engagement on behalf of Creators and brands.

Introduce Yourselves!

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LTK’s Head of Marketing for Brand Partnerships, Rodney Mason, served as MC and invited everyone to take a few minutes to reach out across the allies to introduce themselves to new people.

Setting the Ultra Runner's Pace

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Baxter Box, LTK co-founder and CEO, and Paul Johnson, ultramarathon runner and LTK Creator, discussed Paul’s recent ultra transcontinental run from LA to NYC in 51 days, including life on the run as an LTK Creator and Paul’s nutrition habits to run 3,000 miles.

Stretching into Active

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Stephanie Sandbo, LTK Head Of Brand Partnerships, hosted a fireside chat with Megan Brophy, VP of Marketing for Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister Brands discussing their most successful quarterly earnings in company history, their successful launch into Active and the importance of Creators in their go-to-market strategy.

Gold Medal Content

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Amber Venz Box hosted a fireside chat with five-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Nastia Liukin, who is tied for the record of most gold medals in a single games, as part of Amber’s podcast, More To Say.  Nastia shared how she prepared for gold, her biggest and most challenging moments, how she moved on to get her education, become a globally followed sports anchor, and is now shaking things up with her own personal style as a Creator. She also shared her biggest life lesson that her Olympic medalist parents taught her, “Never quit on your worst day”.  

The Active Consumer Journey

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Paige Govoni, LTK Principal Media Director, and Rodney Mason, Head Of Marketing Brand Partnerships shared insights from LTK research including national consumer studies and a marketing leader study conducted in partnership with Northwestern University. Insights included: 67% of all consumers are planning to buy active products for back-to-school; marketing leaders are scaling Creator and Connected TV the most in 2024; and recent trends from the LTK shopping app including pickleball having a big moment and the Olympics are beginning to trend and will be a huge cultural moment with lasting impact.  Find a copy of those insights here!

Lunch was held outdoors al fresco in perfect California weather and enjoyed by all.

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Active Nutrition and Care

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Cibele Rohani, LTK Director of CPG and Big Box, hosted a CPG roundtable discussion with Dana Paolucci, Head of PR and Creator, Dove North America, Julio Torres CEO, Global Healing, Kara Beilman Head of Brand Southwest Region, Red Bull.  They discussed how and where they’re growing in the new shopper age.  Dove works with Creators to share their real beauty message, Global Healing partners with Creators to educate the market on how beneficial their products are for better health and Red Bull sponsors Creators to demonstrate how Red Bull gives you wings through high-adrenaline activities.

Founding Active Lifestyle Companies

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LTK Senior Director of LTK Connect (self-service platform), Brian Pearlman hosted a panel session with Active industry leaders sharing how they founded and grew their businesses and continue to stay competitive. The panel included Adam Goldston co-founder of APL, Maggie Brown, founder of Recess Pickleball and Set Active founder, Lindsey Carter.  Goldston shared how APL broke the internet by being banned from the NBA for overperformance, LTK was their number one source for traffic and he donned their latest shoe design for the upcoming games in Paris, aligning with an emerging trend from LTK shoppers looking for Olympic colors and styles on the platform.  Recess Pickelball makes pickleball fun with custom paddles for all kinds of events and works with LTK to raise awareness of their brand as pickleball is having a big moment on the LTK platform. SET Active was founded on the principle of making activewear that matches top and bottom and partners with Creators to share their newest designs. 

Gen Z Active Redefined

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Katie Melton, Head Of Creator Success hosted a roundtable on active lifestyle trends they are seeing with Gen Z with Creators Gabrielle Athena Halikas (@EllaHalikas), Kristen Hollingshaus (@hauskris), Jamie Van Slooten  (@jamievanslooten), along with LTK Director of Media Paige Govoni sharing Gen Z research insights.

Active Storytelling with Leading Creators

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LTK’s Allison Yazdian, SVP of Creator Growth and Success hosted a roundtable on the importance of storytelling in the active space with celebrity Active Creators Cara Van Brocklin (@caraloren), Katie Austin (@katieaustin) and Libby Christensen(@libbychristensen).

Kristi O’Brien closed out the brand summit with a champagne toast. 


LTK Active Creator Happy Hour

Following the LTK Active brand summit, we kicked off the LTK Active Creator Happy Hour on Harriet’s Rooftop, hosted by brand partners and LTK.

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