LTK, the Creator Commerce platform, Launches Connected TV Advertising for Brands and All-new Creator Marketing Measurement Platform

    March 13, 2024

    • LTK Connected TV, a first-of-its-kind offering, scales brands’ creator marketing strategy with instantly shoppable LTK Creator content through Connected TV platforms.
    • LTK 360, the 24/7, full-funnel measurement and analytics platform, empowers brands to understand their creator marketing efforts from every angle - all in one place


    LTK, the platform that powers Creator Commerce™, unveiled two new solutions to help brands accelerate their creator marketing programs with Connected TV (CTV) advertising and LTK 360, a full-funnel influencer marketing measurement and analysis platform. These offerings come at a time when brands are increasingly seeking innovative ways to engage consumers and maximize the effectiveness of their marketing investments - leaning on the authenticity of creators and consumers’ trust in them.

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    Unlocking a New Audience With LTK Connected TV (CTV)
    LTK is unveiling a first-of-its-kind offering where brands can now use LTK Creator content to create CTV advertising spots that are instantly shoppable from the creator’s LTK Shop. Brands maximize their creator investment to reach more shoppers, grow brand awareness and drive sales while saving time and budget compared to traditional TV ad production. LTK Creators gain increased exposure for their LTK Shop and a new way to earn through LTK. 

    A recent LTK study with Northwestern University found that creator marketing and CTV are the two top marketing investment growth areas for global brands this year. LTK CTV advertising is empowering brands to leverage this medium and the authentic messaging of LTK Creators, especially as creators are now more trusted than brand ads, friends and family. 

    Revolutionizing Creator Measurement  With LTK 360 
    LTK 360 is an all-new, real-time and full-funnel measurement and analytics platform for brands with the unmatched insights of LTK’s 40M+ monthly shoppers and 13 years of proprietary data. Powered by LTK AI, LTK 360 gives brands a holistic view into their creator marketing efforts and investments  to help measure their success and be even more strategic in their decision-making, including: 

    • Earned Media Value (EMV): Showcasing the earned media value from LTK Creators’ content, identifying value beyond sales and conversions.
    • Upper Funnel Performance: Measuring awareness metrics, cross-platform reach and engagement.
    • New Traffic Visualizations: Demonstrating the top Traffic Producing Influencers (TPI™)
    • Lower Funnel Engagement: Detailing the closest to sales metrics, including ROAS.
    • Campaign Layering: Providing overlays and displays of multi-layered campaign views to streamline analysis.

    “These new features are game-changers for our brand partners as LTK CTV advertising expands the possibilities with their investments in creators and reaching more audiences through this growing medium. Additionally, the unmatched analytics capabilities of LTK 360 underscores LTK’s commitment to helping our brand partners understand and value the full impact of their creator marketing efforts,” said Rodney Mason, Head of Marketing, Brand Platform at LTK.

    The launch of LTK 360 is the latest example of how LTK is harnessing AI to strengthen our tools for brands and creators alike.  LTK Marketplace enables creators to connect directly with brands and apply for brand partnership opportunities, which has significantly grown the number of weekly brand-creator campaigns by 300% - changing the way business is done in the influencer industry. LTK Match.AI instantly matches creators and brands for campaigns to drive maximum performance. 

    LTK is also rolling out its own CTV ad campaign with LTK co-founder and President, Amber Venz Box, to tell the founding story of LTK and drive awareness with marketers. To check out the campaign, please visit: LTK CTV

    Learn more here for LTK Connected TV and LTK 360.

    About LTK
    As the inventor of Creator Commerce, LTK is the trusted and effective platform for creators and their businesses by powering and monetizing the connection between content and commerce. Founded in 2011 by Amber and Baxter Box, the LTK mission is to empower creators to be as economically successful as possible. Premium lifestyle creators in 150+ countries drive more than $4.1 billion in annual retail sales through the LTK platform. Today, 40 million consumers turn to LTK Creators in the LTK shopping platform each month to find inspiration and instantly shop the styles recommended by their favorite creators. And, more than 7,000 brands partner with LTK to gain access to its global creator network for content that converts against performance-driven, cross-channel KPIs. LTK is headquartered in Dallas, TX and currently operates on five continents. To download the LTK shopping app, search for LTK in the App Store or Google Play.

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