Introducing LTK Match.AI: Revolutionizing Creator-Brand Collaborations

    December 12, 2023

    • The LTK-built AI analyzes over 100 million data points and billions in sales from unrivaled proprietary creator, brand and shopper dataset to instantly match creators and brands for maximum brand efficacy.
    • LTK Match.AI is a gateway to new opportunities for undiscovered high-value creators, with 53% of those recommended and selected through the platform experiencing their first brand collaboration via LTK.




    LTK, the platform that powers Creator Commerce™, is introducing its new AI solution, LTK Match.AI. In beta, this innovative software is already transforming how brands find and cast creators for marketing campaigns, significantly enhancing performance and profitability for both parties. With the creator marketing industry now estimated at $21B, 80% of brands said they increased creator budgets in 2023 and 92% of brands plan to have even higher creator marketing budgets in 2024 according to LTK’s recent brand study.  LTK Match.AI is the personalized matchmaking solution that instantly connects the best creators with brands for maximum performance. 

    "The companies best positioned to win in the era of AI innovation hinges largely on their access to vast and proprietary datasets. This is a key factor in our confidence and support for LTK; the LTK platform has one of the most comprehensive proprietary datasets of creator, shopper, and brand activity across all publishing and consumption platforms, including its own shopping app,” said Angela Du, Partner at SoftBank Vision Fund. 

    AI-Powered Matchmaking: A Game-Changer for Influencer Marketing
    At the core of LTK Match.AI is an advanced algorithm, developed in-house by the LTK engineering group. LTK has a unique proprietary dataset with more than 12 years of creator, brand and shopper data, across all publishing platforms, including over 100 million data points and billions in sales. LTK’s AI model taps into the company’s dataset –  resulting in the new, powerful algorithm that precisely matches creators with brands that will drive optimal results. 

    The AI tool analyzes historical and real-time product performance data. It looks at the exact products, similar items or product categories that creators are actively posting and promoting through LTK. The AI understands which creators are effectively marketing products and brands to their communities based on metrics like engagement, impressions and sales. LTK Match.AI condenses what used to take days into mere seconds, offering personalized recommendations for brand-creator collaborations with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

    Better Influencer Marketing Performance for Brands: 

    • Increased Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): LTK Match.AI significantly improves the performance of influencer marketing campaigns. By ensuring a better match between the brand's products and the creator's audience, the tool maximizes the impact and reach of a brand’s marketing efforts. Brands that have utilized LTK Match.AI are already experiencing stronger ROAS.
    • Discover More Creators: Brands can instantly discover more creators from the hundreds of thousands on the LTK platform to reach more audiences. LTK Match.AI unlocks the ability to easily discover the untapped potential of creators that brands may have never worked with before. 

    Increased Earning Opportunities for Creators: 

    • Elevated Earning Potential: Creators benefit from the AI model recommending them to brands where they will have the best earnings outcomes. This leads to increased opportunities to engage in campaigns and partnerships with brands they, along with their audience, admire and desire. LTK Match.AI not only matches creators with brands they know and love but also helps them discover new brands with products their audiences are passionate about that they may not have engaged in collaborations with previously. The result is enhanced earning potential for the creators. 
    • Greater Visibility: LTK Match.AI aids lesser-known creators in getting noticed by brands. During the beta, 53% of creators cast in campaigns had never received campaign offers from a brand through LTK - showing the increased opportunity for creators that LTK Match.AI delivers. 

    LTK Match.AI represents a paradigm shift in influencer marketing. It eliminates the guesswork and extensive time and research traditionally involved in pairing creators with brands. This efficiency not only saves time but also ensures that collaborations are more successful and aligned with the interests and strengths of both creators and brands.

    “Our new AI software not only streamlines the process of casting creators but also significantly enhances the potential earnings and performance for both creators and brands,” said Amber Venz Box, President and Co-Founder of LTK, and a legacy creator herself.   “LTK Match.AI is a major step in how we are developing AI and machine learning to advance the industry. This isn't just about making connections; it's about crafting the future of digital marketing where every creator-brand match is a step towards greater success and impact."

    About LTK
    As the inventor of Creator Commerce, LTK is the trusted and effective platform for creators and their businesses by powering and monetizing the connection between content and commerce. Founded in 2011 by Amber and Baxter Box, the LTK mission is to empower creators to be as economically successful as possible. Premium lifestyle creators in 150+ countries drive more than $4 billion in annual retail sales through the LTK platform. Today, 30 million consumers turn to LTK Creators in the LTK shopping platform each month to find inspiration and instantly shop the styles recommended by their favorite creators. And, more than 7,000 brands partner with LTK to gain access to its global creator network for content that converts against performance-driven, cross-channel KPIs. LTK is headquartered in Dallas, TX and currently operates on five continents. To download the LTK shopping app, search for LTK in the App Store or Google Play.

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