LTK Celebrates 11th Anniversary

    June 16, 2022

    LTK is celebrating 11 years this month. Since launching in 2011, our mission has remained the same: make creators as economically successful as possible. This past year we delivered on that promise in a major way. We expanded to new countries, reached new audiences, and accelerated our development of new products for creators, brands, and shoppers. This growth was fueled in part by a $300M investment from SoftBank. With this new round of funding, LTK supercharged its plans for the creator economy.

    In honor of our 11th anniversary, here are 11 of our biggest accomplishments from the last year:

    1. More than $3B in annual retail sales through the LTK platform
    2. More than $700M paid to creators since launching in 2011
    3. 52 New LTK Millionaires for a total of 182
    4. Nearly 10 million LTK shopping app downloads
    5. 378 new employees hired, a 45% increase
    6. $1 million investment in small and medium-sized brands through LTK Connect
    7. Rebranded rewardStyle and high-growth shopping app to one unified name, LTK
    8. $300 million investment by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 to supercharge development of new technology and scale internationally
    9. 55 product launches or feature enhancements since June 2021
    10. New markets launched in France, Germany, Australia
    11. First ever LTK Commercials featuring creators and their stories in pursuit of style
    While this has been a year to remember in LTK history, the next decade will be just as exciting. We are living in an era where creators are a retailer’s power partner. In a recent LTK study, Gen Z said they trust creator recommendations more than recommendations from friends and family.

    LTK data also shows price and convenience are the two most important factors to shoppers right now. Although people are being more intentional about their spending habits, they're relying on creators more than ever. LTK is a place where shoppers can discover affordable options recommended by the world’s top lifestyle creators to help them save time and money. LTK will continue to invest in ways to make the shopping experience even better and easier.

    Over the next year, we will continue to add on to our team at LTK to develop new tools and solutions, as well as grow our reach in international markets.
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