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LTK, the Creator Commerce™ Platform, Launches ‘Buy Now with LTK Cart’ In-app Checkout Experience on Creator Shops

September 26, 2023

LTK Holiday Shopper Study: Consumers Plan to Shop Earlier and Spend More or the Same with An Increased Focus on Sales

August 16, 2023

LTK Beauty Shopper Study: Consumers Turn to Creators As Most Trusted Source for Beauty Recommendations

July 19, 2023

The Power of Video in Creator-Guided Commerce

July 13, 2023

Move Over Y2K, Get Ready For ‘Comfortcore’: British Women Are Prioritising Comfort More Than Ever, But Not At The Expense Of Style

July 11, 2023

LTK Creator Guided Shopping App Launches Dedicated Destination for Deals to Shop Creators’ Top Sale Finds

July 6, 2023

‘Comfortcore’: French women’s new favorite trend for this summer

June 28, 2023

2023 LTK Back to School Shopper Study Reveals Optimistic Consumer Spending Trends Despite Economic Concerns

June 20, 2023

YouGov research from LTK Reveals How Creator Marketing Is Boosting UK Retail Sales

June 14, 2023

LTK Trend Alert: New Report Reveals Hottest Summer 2023 Style Trends

June 13, 2023

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