LTK and the network effect for influencers

    May 4, 2022

    LTK invests in its Creators, Shoppers and Brands to help influencers become brands


    LTK is getting loud by launching its first-ever brand campaign with TV commercials, advertising across social media channels and billboards featuring LTK Creators. It’s a huge investment in our Creators, Shoppers and Brands alike by catapulting this campaign across major metro markets in the US from New York City to Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and, of course, our hometown of Dallas, Texas.

    So what does this mean for influencers? 

    @brenna_anastasia LTK network effect @fashion_jackson LTK network effect @iambeauticurve LTK network effect

    LTK is investing in the value of LTK through the network effect. The network effect is very simply, a phenomenon whereby a product or service (ie. LTK) gains additional value as more people use it. As we drive brand awareness with this campaign, LTK aims to engage NEW Shoppers, Brands, and of course influencers—who want to become the next top-earning LTK Creator

    For example, as LTK continues to grow and engage with influencers who want to grow their audiences and earnings by becoming an LTK Creator, they will bring value to not only LTK, but their businesses themselves. As each new influencer joins the LTK community, they bring additional value to LTK, their own personal Creator Commerce™, the LTK ecosystem of Shoppers and Brands. As the LTK ecosystem keeps growing, a positive network effect will tap into NEW shoppers who find the value of shopping the LTK App and the value of our LTK Creators. 

    Why is this important? 

    Our goal is not only to reinforce the value of our LTK Creators—trusted style guides who enable discovery, purchase confidence, and ease of contextual shopping. We want to make LTK a household name for Shoppers and Brands. 

    So what are you waiting for? NOW is the time to grow your brand, tap into new audiences, and join a community of Creators built by a Creator. 




    From day one, Creators have sat at the center of the LTK mission due to their ability to authentically inspire their shoppers through curated messaging. They define retail trends by providing fit, function, and value to drive purchase confidence.


    LTK by the numbers

    • 8M Monthly in-app Shoppers
    • 6K Retailers
    • 1M Brands
    • $3B Annual online sales
    • 200K Global LTK Creators 


    LTK App features

    LTK launched 10 innovative features that make workflow easier for the Creator and their Shoppers. In keeping up with this trend, LTK has introduced its first major launch of 2022 — Collections.

    Since its release, Creators have seen a 7% increase in purchase conversions from posts added to Collections, compared to posts that aren't in Collections.  LTK insights also revealed that posts in Collections are driving 30% more views than non-Collection posts


    The perks of an LTK Collection: 

    • Increased visibility and longevity of content
    • Opportunity for your content to be reshared across social channels
    • Ability for LTK App shoppers to quickly shop for a specific need
    • Effortless alignment with seasonal, promotional, and category moments
    • Enhanced opportunities to earn passive income

    LTK Connect connects influencers directly to brands

    LTK Connect is a self-serve product for brands who want to cast influencers and creators like you for paid end-to-end campaigns and reporting. The platform provides brands with campaign performance within our network, including clicks, sales, and orders, while also providing insights into creators and their followings. To put it simply, it connects brands directly to influencers and creators for potential collaborations. 


    LTK Creators are not just influencers—they’re their own brands

    “I have always loved shopping and I'm great at finding the diamonds in the rough! LTK helped me monetize it and they made it super easy to do so. Creating links and sharing with my friends and community couldn't be easier. I love how easy it is to share what you're loving and make money doing it! I love the relationships I have built with my favorite brands and the support I've received every step of the way.”

    —Mallory, @mallykgoldman


    “I love how LTK allows me to create a place for my community to easily find and shop all of my favorite must-haves. My community especially loves the search feature. I am so happy that the platform provides a way for people of all backgrounds to share the things they love, while making it all shop-able. I enjoy following other creators, gaining inspiration and being able to shop their favorites, all while supporting women owned businesses.”

    —Anna, @annamaegroves


    “LTK helps me monetize the content I create for my blog, social platforms and the LTK App. Being able to see what's trending on a weekly basis and my performance analytics dashboard are especially helpful, given that readers aren't always vocal about what they're looking for, what their needs are, or what might be most inspiring to them in a given month. I love having a one-stop shop for my audience to quickly and casually discover and shop all the things I'm sharing weekly. It's also been an excellent way for me to reach a new audience that is exclusive to the app.”

    —Natalie, @natalie.yerger


    “LTK has provided me with access to a team that offered me one-on-one strategic advice based on my current goals and plans for progress. The analytics tools help me plan my strategy and content that set me up for success. I love the LTK's advanced digital marketing strategies, the supportive and encouraging network whose advice helped me meet and exceed my goals.”

    —Heather, @celebstyleguide


    LTK: Built by a Creator for Creators

    At LTK, a global influencer marketing hub, we power Creator Commerce™ for 200K top-tier Creators, 5K retailers, 1M brands, and more than 8M monthly in-app Shoppers. 


    The benefits of leveraging your own LTK Shop

    1. Post all shoppable content to your LTK Shop where it’s available to search and shop. 
    2. LTK converts followers to shoppers 3.5x more than social channels, so your time is well spent when optimizing your LTK Shop, and there is no need to re-post content over and over to capture scrolling followers. Shoppers on LTK are there to buy!
    3. LTK is uniquely positioned to ride the inevitable rise and fall of social media platforms, leaving the control with you, regardless of evolving social algorithms.

    By pioneering a proprietary ecosystem of innovative technology, strategic growth consulting, global brand partnerships, and expansive shopper distribution, we’ve done more than just monetize influencer marketing. We created the industry and are now defining the next decade. So what are you waiting for? 

    It’s time for YOU to join our network of entrepreneurs. 



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