How to become the next top-earning LTK Creator

March 22, 2022

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Discover how to grow your audience and curate shoppable content with LTK

LTK is a full-service influencer and digital marketing hub built on creator innovation that drives more than $3B in annual brand sales

Our mission is to empower the world’s premium lifestyle content creators to achieve maximum economic success. LTK was built for influencers like you—to connect content creators with brands and shoppers.  It is the only platform built by a creator for creators. And as an influencer’s trusted business partner, LTK is only successful when our creators are successful. 

So how do you become an LTK Creator? You’ll need:

  1. A public social media profile, with consistent posts and activity
  2. A significant and engaged following on at least one social media channel
  3. At least 3 months of original, high-quality, shoppable content
  4. Clean editorial design that engages your audience and highlights your expertise
  5. The determination to make your unique content shoppable




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LTK Creators are at the heart of our mission, as they authentically inspire shoppers and curate accessible content that fuels Creator Commerce™. LTK provides one simple, user-friendly platform—your LTK Shop, owned by you to feature your highly shoppable content. It can be connected to every marketing channel you would want to use, from your blog, Instagram, TikTok to YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook.

Once you have curated a highly engaged shop on LTK and your social media profile with high-quality shoppable content you can begin earning. LTK Creators earn money in two primary ways:

  1. Commissions from sold products: Brands compensate a creator when their followers use their links to purchase their recommended, vetted products—this is where LTK comes into play! We provide you with the tools to create links to your favorite products to share with your audiences across any platform including the LTK app, where millions of app users can shop your content!
  2. Brand collaborations: Creators are paid an agreed rate, based on LTK’s 10 years of proprietary performance data, for creating and/or sharing content; this could be sponsored blog posts, Instagram Stories,TikTok and YouTube videos, and more. At LTK, we connect you with more than 6,000 brands across the globe who are looking for influencers just like you that can drive earnings and brand awareness.


Make 2023 the year that you own your audience with your LTK Shop: 

  • Your content on LTK is always on, simply post all your shoppable content to your LTK Shop where it’s available to search and shop. 
  • LTK converts followers to shoppers 3.5x more than social channels, so your time is well spent in optimizing your LTK Shop, and there is no need to re-post content over and over to capture scrolling followers. 
  • LTK is uniquely positioned to ride the inevitable rise and fall of social media platforms, leaving the control with YOU.
  • Earn more passive income with your very own LTK Shop.


The benefits of being an influencer turned LTK Creator include access to:

  • 6K+ brands across 100 countries
  • 8M+ monthly in-app shoppers
  • A community of 200K+ top-tier Creators
  • 700+ global team members 
  • LTK Creator app, a platform to easily curate shoppable content
  • Your own digital storefront... an LTK Shop
  • LTK app that offers convenience, accessibility and data-driven personalization for shoppers
  • Educational resources that feature industry leaders, webinars, updates on shopper behaviors, and so much more


LTK empowers creators to give their audience a world-class shopping experience. As an LTK Creator, you can create and publish shoppable content that is persistent, indexed and easily searchable on the LTK app. What’s even better is that the LTK platform does the work to track shopper behavior, bring confidence to the purchase, retarget and convert the sale.

Take advantage of your LTK analytics to make decisions on what to post and where you can best focus your content. LTK is different from a social channel, which is usually designed for entertainment and where intent to shop or buy is generally low. With over 100 million commissionable products under premium pre-negotiated rates, we’ll help you find your niche within LTK. We’re also invested in bringing high-intent shoppers to you via our consumer app. 


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