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March 22, 2022

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Discover why influencers and digital content creators choose LTK to optimize their side hustle and earn more money without more effort.


Passive income is all the rage in 2022. Why? It’s an additional revenue stream with minimal to no effort. If done correctly, passive income can turn into monthly residual income without any additional effort. One in three Americans earns passive income, according to Zapier. And according to Source, on average a person can generate up to $1,222 per month. 

Approved LTK Creators use their Shop on LTK as their storefront. It’s open 24/7/365 without all the buying, staffing, inventory, rent or shipping required of a traditional storefront. Creators who want to work smarter and not harder are using the LTK Creator iOS app and tools to generate a steady cash flow each month via the curated and shoppable content they have already posted. This is Creator Commerce.

Over 8M shoppers visit LTK each month. Some are seeking a specific creator who they know and love, and others are searching for a particular item, sale or recommendation. On LTK, content is infinitely discoverable so creators can continue earning. 


Allyson, @allysoninwonderland and the leather jacket


  1. Allyson, @allysoninwonderland created a flat lay image with a chic leather jacket on DATE. She posted to LTK and promoted it on her Instagram channel.
  2. She used the caption, “leather jacket, fall outfit, New Balance sneakers, fleece top, fall fashion.” 
  3. On DATE, DATE and DATE, various LTK shoppers searched “leather jacket” on LTK. Since Allyson was savvy and did her keyword research, she included the phrase “leather jacket” in her caption.
  4. Those three shoppers (and many more) click and buy via Allyson without any additional promotion on her social channels. This cycle continues year-round.

Pro Tip: This same strategy applies to hashtags. So Allyson can use #leatherjacket in her caption to make her LTK post discoverable year-round. 

Conclusion: Allyson worked smarter, not harder to ensure her LTK posts are discoverable with LTK search. 


The role of social channels: promote and advertise


Social channels serve an important need: they entertain us and inspire us. Research says that people spend an average of 2.5 hours per day on social media. We endlessly scroll, but we generally do not select Facebook or Instagram or TikTok or YouTube or Pinterest to actively shop. We are there for entertainment.

Social channels serve as an advertisement for creators; they raise awareness and create familiarity with the influencer, their style and their curated content. But from the influencer’s perspective, the endless grind of posting and linking can feel overwhelming. 

Creators can easily share direct links to individual LTK posts and their profile’s Shop on LTK using the LTK Creator iOS app. When shoppers are inspired to click through the LTK links shared by the creator, they’re automatically added as followers thanks to LTK’s auto-follow tool, so they’ll see the creator’s new content in their home feeds as soon as it's posted.

Discover how LTK Creators promote their shoppable LTK content here


The role of LTK: search and buy

When shoppers visit LTK, shopping is their primary intent. In fact, shoppers are purchasing from the LTK app at a rate of 3.5x higher than when they are browsing social media. And the influencer doesn’t need to continuously promote that content on their social channels. The LTK ecosystem of mobile and desktop tools enable creators to create, distribute, and track content across channels, delivering a streamlined monetization solution. 

With our LTK Creator technology, influencers can generate mobile-first content that is immediately shoppable. The curated shoppable content can even be featured within closed social platforms like Instagram, providing the highest earning opportunity in the industry. 

Pro Tip: Learn how to set up a Shop on LTK to match your brand.


Influencers earn more with Collections

LTK innovates technology, like the Collections feature in the LTK app so Creators can optimize earnings by working smarter not harder. To put it simply, creators can earn more even while they are sleeping. Influencers can maximize their earnings by aiding in shoppers’ discovery of top-converting products, themes, and categories that best exemplify their brand within their Shop on LTK. Content is infinitely discoverable and with Collections even less recent content continues to work for LTK Creators. Collections can easily be shared directly to social channels from promotion. 

LTK Data: Within the first day of Collections going live globally more than 2,000 collections were created by over 1,200 creators curating a collection for the first ti


LTK Creator Stories


Meet Nena of @nenaevans 

“LTK has created a totally different revenue stream for me. As a business owner, diversification of income is something that I'm always thinking about. LTK has allowed me to streamline the shopping experience for my audience, reach new people, and expand into new verticals. I love that it is such an easy-to-use tool for my followers. My number one goal is to provide value to my audience and support them as they navigate shopping for their work clothes, the next big event, and everything in between. Being able to direct them to my LTK Shop when they're in need of something specific or simply searching for inspiration has made my life so much easier and saves my customers time and energy.” —Nena, @nenaevans



Meet Olivia, @oliviajeanette

“The LTK App has provided my followers a central location to find all my featured products. By providing consistent content for my followers in the app, I've been able to be a reliable resource for their shopping needs throughout the year. I love that the LTK App is user-friendly, for me as an LTK Creator and my followers. The constant updates to the app and user experience continues to help me drive sales and increase commissions.” —Olivia, @oliviajeanette_


About LTK 

LTK is the largest global influencer marketing platform. Founded in 2011 by Amber Venz Box and Baxter Box, the company’s mission is to empower the world’s premium lifestyle creators to be as economically successful as possible. Now in its 10th year, LTK has grown to become a three-sided marketplace, serving creators, brands and shoppers. LTK is the most trusted and effective business-enablement platform for creators, powering their universal LTK Creator Shops™. More than 5,000 retailers employ the LTK Brand Platform for performance-driven campaigns, paid collaborations and content licensing, and invested more than $1 billion in influencer marketing through the LTK platform by summer 2021. Shoppers purchase more than $3 billion in products annually on the LTK platform and app. LTK is headquartered in Dallas, TX with teams in the UK, Brazil, France, Germany, Australia, China and South Korea and clients in more than 100 countries.


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