Why You Need an Expert in Influencer Marketing Management

September 17, 2020

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Since the start of influencer marketing (IM), we’ve led the way on the industry’s evolution into a proven ROI.  Now, with almost ten years of historical performance data from working with 5K brands and tens of thousands of influencers, we’ve defined the practice of influencer marketing — and everything that goes into managing it - for you. So look to us to guide the way.. Here’s why.

Effective Influencer Marketing Campaigns Are Complex

Influencer marketing is essential to a marketing strategy, now more than ever before - it is critical to the future of marketing. But campaigns are complicated from start to finish, and have a lot of moving parts including influencer research and casting (based on brand’s goals, budget, and target outcomes), determining target deliverables, writing contracts and negotiating rates, just to name a few. 

All parts of the campaign process  should be data-driven and strategic — something that’s near impossible without expert guidance. Instead of taking on every campaign responsibility (and getting lost along the way), brands are partnering up with influencer marketing management companies, like rewardStyle, to strategize, execute and achieve results. This collaborative relationship looks like this:



Influencer Management (rS)


Outline goals, target demographics, gifting capabilities. Provide feedback on contract and sign once aligned with rS on the direction. Create a mood board for influencers (optional). 

Guide the direction of the campaign. Provide feedback on the brand’s goals and budget. Draft a contract for signature, which may include preliminary casting.


Approve/decline influencer suggestions (with feedback). If gifting, provide rS with gift vouchers to distribute or send products to influencers directly. If previews are required, provide timely feedback.

Cast influencers and put forward a list for approval. Negotiate terms/flat fees with influencers. Draft contracts outlining deliverables of all participants. Coordinate on product selects. Coordinate target post dates and previews as needed. Send reminders for scheduled posting. Collect/review content to ensure it aligns with contractual obligations.


Ensure invoice is paid as per contract. Provide feedback as desired.

Provide a full campaign recap within 6 weeks of the final post. (Although soon, this will be available   to view  in real time.) Remit payment directly to influencers.

Influencer marketing is no longer a nicety for brands, it is a need. To do it right, brands need the right support to take on the above responsibilities . Here are rewardStyle, we have an entire team to focus on the execution and delivery of a project, which can be difficult for brands to scale in-house. 

You Need Data That Only a Partner Can Provide So You Can Rationalize Your Marketing Spend

As brands already know, it’s critical for businesses to rationalize their marketing spend and tie it to performance. Again, influencer marketing is no longer a guessing game. It’s a science. Partnering with experts who have access to data will know where to place their bets in a rapidly changing environment. 

With a technical partner to accurately track clicks, sales, orders, AOV (for each influencer) you get a full understanding of your investment's success outside of just “likes.

How do we do it?

Our perspective on influencer performance spans beyond just your brand. We have a unique perspective on performance across various partners and are able to identify influencers who convert for other comparable brands and products. We’re able to develop your custom strategy considering category, price point, and conversion. We can identify high-potential influencers who are not linking to you at all or linking to your brand sporadically. With our insights, we can determine who has the audience and potential to contribute to your program in a meaningful way. It all comes down to trends and the performance data — which we have nearly a decade of to provide clients. You present the data, put it to use, and later, witness the inevitable ROI.

rewardStyle Makes It Easier for Brands to Reach Consumers

rewardStyle has the tools it takes to make the most of a brand’s and influencer’s content — for each of their benefits, but most importantly, for the consumer. 

With our LIKEtoKNOW.it (LTK) app, consumers can shop influencer-created content in one streamlined place, and brands see the impact in their sales numbers. These consumers are there to shop and be inspired — this has been proven through $2B+ of rewardStyle influencer-generated sales, which was driven via the LTK app since 2017.  

To put it into perspective, 14 million people shopped LIKEtoKNOW.it in 2019, up from 9.9M 2018, Of those shoppers, 90% were women, with more than half (52%) based in the U.S. Their collective purchasing power, through the app, drove over $1 billion to retailers. 

Partnering with us for influencer marketing management means driving up sales year over year in a way that makes sense and is scalable to our changing environment.

Because a Partner in Influencer Marketing Management Acts Like an An Extension of Your Team

Brands utilize influencer marketing management for various reasons, but it all comes down to having a partner they can rely on to scale their business. 

Our brands look to rewardStyle to serve as an extension of their team. We partner together on long-term strategies to grow their program and influencer partnerships in various capacities. While we can certainly facilitate and support one-off campaigns and initiatives, we are often sought after for a long-term partnership and strategy, which has proven to be the most effective for brands.

As an extension of your marketing team, we are here as your expert to help guide you and make sure you’re getting the best value for your investment.

We make influencer marketing easy.
You need that in your life.


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September 17, 2020

3 minute read

Influencer Marketing