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April 25, 2024

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As brands adopt influencer marketing, the tools for success are constantly evolving. Creators have taken social media by storm, and audiences are craving more. Television is the next phase, but not just static, traditional TV ads. We’re seeing the rise of connected TV (CTV) and an opportunity for Creators to make an impact with branded CTV content that lives within ad spots on streaming platforms. 

LTK is on the cutting edge of Creator Marketing, with our new LTK Connected TV offering recently debuting at LTK Beautiful Miami. What if you could get even more out of your influencer marketing? With LTK Connected TV, our curated Creators take on content creation, relieving the heavy lift of production and allowing you to create and test multiple spots to drive results via authentic, storytelling content.

Intrigued? Discover how LTK is leveraging CTV for influencer marketing and how it could amplify your efforts.

How Brands Are Using Connected TV

Traditional TV alone is dropping off as audiences flock to connected TV across channels such as NBC, ABC, and Bravo and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Peacock. The shift is so profound that CTV is set to grow $5.5 billion year-over-year in 2024 alone. Through CTV, brands have the opportunity to reach target audiences where they are to increase awareness and brand recognition.

CTV in influencer marketing

With the emergence of CTV, brands can adopt a direct-to-consumer approach, leveraging precise targeting and personalized engagement. It empowers you to make content more engaging and relevant as you create interactive ads such as videos and shoppable ads. 

But why use influencers in your CTV ads? Brands leverage Creators because audiences respect their authenticity and trust them more than traditional ad forms, according to LTK’s 2024 Shopper Study. Creators can bring this same authenticity to CTV ads to reach your target audience.

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The Potential of LTK Connected TV

Print and radio have significantly declined, and we’ve ushered in a new era. Creator Marketing and connected TV are the top two marketing channels in 2024. Outside of social media, TV ranks No. 1 for where consumers want to see Creator content. LTK Connected TV answers their demand. 

Bring TV and AI together

Artificial intelligence (AI) is today’s hot ticket, and LTK Connected TV provides a first-of-its-kind AI-enriched connected TV offering that scales LTK Creator content. From casting CTV influencers to crafting ad spots that are shoppable from those influencers’ LTK Shops, we’ve got you covered. 

LTK Connected TV is available for traditional 30-second and 60-second spots, but it can also be produced in custom lengths for your CTV partner of choice. The offering represents a new way to earn through LTK, too, giving Creators increased exposure for their LTK Shop—and increased exposure for your brand and its products.


Scaling Creator Content on Connected TV

Maximize your Creator investment to reach more shoppers, grow brand awareness, and drive sales. LTK Connected TV provides the tools to leverage influencers to their fullest and scale content in a way that provides added benefits for your brand. 

Save time and money vs. TV ads

You might not be investing in explosive—and expensive—TV spots for the Big Game each year, but TV ads still carry hefty price tags. The good news is that CTV helps brands like yours cut back on the costs and time associated with traditional commercial production.

LTK’s CTV influencers create authentic storytelling and editable content that can pair with your brand’s assets to meet brand specifications and ultimately drive your brand goals. This could include branded opening bumper and end cards to elevate brand awareness, or maybe it’s implementing QR codes in your ads to drive audiences to LTK posts for styled content and shoppable links. 

Get professional CTV ads for your brand 

LTK delivers ads you can use with any CTV partner or chosen platform, including all associated LTK posts. If your goal is to keep growing, LTK CTV campaigns enable you to widen your reach with our 40 million highly engaged and influential shoppers. Cross-promote your ads on CTV influencers’ social channels to capture the hearts and minds of consumers everywhere.


Grow Your Brand with CTV Influencers

CTV gives brands like yours a new way to reach consumers directly, sharing your voice via interactive and shoppable ads. Creators bring authenticity to brands in ways no other media can, helping your brand get personal and scale faster—now with CTV. 

LTK Connected TV combines our backbone of expertise in Creator casting and marketing with the power of AI to enhance interactivity and scale your reach. Discover how to make LTK part of your CTV influencer journey.


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