LTK Beautiful Attracts Top Beauty Brands and Creators

February 29, 2024

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LTK just rocked Miami with our first annual LTK Beautiful brand summit, and it was nothing short of spectacular!


Welcome to LTK Beautiful!

Starting the day with sunrise yoga on the beach, followed by breakfast and a welcome by Kristi O’Brien, GM Brand Platform, LTK.



Keynote by LTK’s co-founder and Creator, Amber Venz-Box 


LTK’s co-founder and Creator, Amber Venz-Box shared all about Creator scaling and how LTK AI is revolutionizing the game with lightning-fast innovation, connecting Creators with their perfect audiences through LTK 360 reporting.

Amber had some big news to share - the launch of LTK Connected TV is here, and it's going to be an absolute game-changer! LTK’s very own connect TV campaign featuring Amber is set to light up the screens with creativity and inspiration.

Rodney Mason, LTK Head Of Marketing, Brand Platform hosted the day and began with a warm get to know each other moment.

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L’Oréal’s Beautiful Digital Journey

LTK’s Kristi O’Brien, GM of Brand Platform conducted a beach side chat with Daisy Boateng, L’Oreal’s AVP of Consumer Engagement for IT Cosmetics who shared an inside look at the brands beautiful digital experience.

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Visionary Founders' Journey

A sensational panel of visionary beauty founders, including Grande Cosmetics CEO and Founder Alicia Grande, Adwoa Beauty CEO and Founder, Julian Addo, and Divi Founder and LTK Creator since 2014 Dani Austin shared with Glossy Editor Emma Sandler how they navigate the beauty landscape and the distinct strategies they use to stand out.


Brand Spend, Consumer Demand and Rising Trends On LTK

LTK’s Ally Anderson, Director of Strategy and Insights and Rodney Mason, Head of Marketing Brand Platform, shared findings from LTK’s CMO study conducted with Northwestern University, a national consumer beauty study and trend analysis from LTK’s 40M consumers.

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Finding and Targeting The Right Audience

Stephanie Sandbo, Head Of LTK Brand Partnerships, led a panel discussion on finding and scaling the right audiences from the Creator and Brand perspective with BK Beauty and Creator Lisa Jauregui, Creator and Babylis Ambassador Olivia Thompson, and LTK’s Beauty and Big Box Lead Cibele Rohani.


LTK’s Rodney Mason shared LTK’s Most Loved brands and what's the big benefit in it for the brands in the audience. LTK’s 40M consumers buy an LTK Most Loved product every four minutes. Learn more about Most Loved best practices. 

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Lunch Alfresco

LTK Beautiful guests enjoyed lunch alfresco overlooking palm trees and the beach enjoying time with each other.


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Live from LTK Beautiful: Amber Venz Box with Glossy Editor Emma Sandler

After lunch, LTK broadcasted a livestream interview by Glossy editor Emma Sandler with LTK’s Co-founder and Creator, Amber Venz Box. Watch here! Note - livestream video begins at 8:30.


Gen Z Beautiful Shopper Journey

Mega Gen Z Creators Batsheva Haart and Vale Genta were joined by two Gen Z recent college grads, Sara Traylor from the University of Miami and Nora Ghali from Florida Atlantic University, who provided perspective on Gen Z preferences for beauty brands, with hosts LTK Ally Anderson and Rodney Mason.  


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How Brands Are Staying on Trend

Beauty leaders Liz Wong, VP Digital Channels at Elemis, Heidi Maund, SVP of Digital at Tata Harper, Sarah Shaker, Head of Brand Engagement at Maybelline, and Lisa Bobroff, VP of Global Communications and Community Engagement at Olaplex discussed the evolving consumer journey and plans for the year ahead with Glossy’s Emma Sandler.


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Mega Creators Share Secrets to Effective Campaigns

Mega and macro Creators Lisa DiCicco Cahue, LTK Creator since 2012, Jessi Malay, LTK Creator since 2013, Paola Alberdi, LTK Creator since 2014, and Farah Vargas, LTK Creator since 2017, shared how they are succeeding in today’s hyper-competitive market with moderator Reesa Lake, LTK Vice President of Creator Agency and Partnerships.


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LTK Soireé

LTK shared a calendar of brand and Creator events for the year. Rodney Mason announced LTK Active, LTK’s brand and Creator summit coming in June for active lifestyle beauty, fashion and CPG brands.

Champagne Toast

The LTK Beautiful brand summit ended with a Champagne toast to brands and Creators for a beautiful year ahead.

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LTK Beautiful Creator Event

72 amazing Creators plus guests from Miami with an audience reach of 59M+ attended and engaged with beauty brands.

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Photos: Arévalo & Co.

Learn more about LTK Soireé events!

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February 29, 2024

2 minute read

Influencer Marketing Trending LTK Brands Creator Marketing