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Did you know that many LTK Creators have their own brands, too?

Written by Team LTK | Jan 26, 2023 9:26:57 PM

LTK Creators aren’t just influencers on LTK; many have built their own personal brands that help them scale their earnings and audience

Starting this month, we’re going to be highlighting LTK Creators with featured brands on the LTK shopping app!

We’re excited to support and shine a light on these Creators who are growing their businesses, because they aren’t just influencers—they’re also successful brands!

Our Creators stand at the core of the LTK mission. They authentically inspire shoppers and drive Creator Commerce™ with their original curated content and products. 

Discover brands from LTK Creators that you can also share on your own LTK Shop to earn more. 

Name: Shay McGee
Brand: McGee & Co. 
Brand: Target’s Threshold — designed with Studio McGee
LTK Shop: @studiomcgee

McGee & Co. is an interior design brand created by Shay and Syd McGee of Studio McGee. They offer designer pieces that make any home look and feel truly beautiful. The couple began their business by curating a selection of pieces and soon started developing their own line of products that married timeless, traditional styles with modern, innovative concepts. While design trends come and go, McGee & Co. have always stayed true to their initial vision—to create beautiful spaces, and to bring their followers and clients along while they do it. Since the launch of McGee & Co., Shay and Syd have developed a product line with renowned retail giant Target. 

Target is known to consumers for offering incredible design, great value and for creating partnerships guests love—and Threshold – designed with Studio McGee embodies all three. The multi-year partnership brings interior design firm Studio McGee’s signature bright, clean aesthetic and practical design tips to life via a special collection within Target’s Threshold brand. The collection is available on and is updated with new finds regularly throughout the year.

Name: Arielle Charnas
Brand: Something Navy
LTK Shop: @ariellecharnas

Something Navy is a fashion and media brand founded by Arielle Charnas in 2009. In 2020, Something Navy launched as an independent fashion line. Later that year, the first Something Navy boutiques opened in New York City in the West Village and Upper East Side. Since then, more stores have opened in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, and beyond. The collection is designed for the everyday icon, featuring elevated wardrobe staples and not-so-basic essentials you’ll wear over and over again

Name: Courtney Shields
Brand: DIBS Beauty
LTK Shop: @courtney_shields

DIBS is the answer to, “What’s your desert island beauty product?”, in a world where makeup has become either minimal and clinical, or high-pressure and intimidating. Founded by Courtney Shields, a mom, entrepreneur and self-proclaimed pro at finding the silver lining, DIBS is all about having fun and empowering people to focus on the things that matter most. It brings you makeup essentials designed to deliver a flattering finish with no-nonsense application and good-for-you ingredients. 


Name: Christina Vidal
Brand: Watercolors by Kenny Flowers
LTK Shop: @jetsetchristina

Watercolors by Kenny Flowers is inspired by the destinations we've been to, and where you're headed next. Kenny Flowers founder Kenny Haisfield teamed up with his wife and first female customer, luxury travel influencer and blogger Jetset Christina, to launch Watercolors by Kenny Flowers.

Offering a full range of one-piece swimsuits and bikinis that can travel anywhere, the line of swimwear embodies the ideal modern vacation: a little bit of luxe, a lot of fun, and guaranteed sunshine on you at all times.

Are you ready to start building your own brand and be the next LTK Creator? 

LTK was founded by a Creator, for Creators and influencers. We understand the unique needs of premium influencers across all categories. Our teams support you by pairing hands-on strategic guidance with the industry’s most advanced digital tools to maximize your monetization potential and build lasting brand relationships.




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LTK empowers creators to give their audience a world-class shopping experience. As an LTK Creator, you can create and publish shoppable content that is persistent, indexed and easily searchable on the LTK app. What’s even better is that the LTK platform does the work to track shopper behavior, bring confidence to the purchase, retarget and convert the sale.




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