How CPG Brands Can Leverage Creator Marketing to Drive Results

August 22, 2022

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Recently, LTK hosted a webinar to share findings from two studies conducted in May 2022 - LTK CPG Shopper Study and LTK Inflationary Shopper Study. Review the insights, then watch the webinar playback to learn more!


Creators shopping influencer goes beyond a click

Consumers are shopping through social media and purchasing in-store through Creator recommendations.

  • Nearly 50% of the groups (General Population, Millennials, and Gen Z) over index in Beauty and Food & Beverage categories to purchase in-store based on that they saw on social media and from Creator recommendations.


LTK Creators are posting more across all categories

Creators are showing more than just the shirt they are wearing. They are now including beauty, electronics, and food & beverage products more frequently in LTK posts.

  • Shift in Big Box spending on campaigns with LTK in these categories as well.
  • Creators are showing the entirety of the products in their lives to shoppers.


Millennials are most influenced to purchase CPG products through Creator recommendations

According to our national study, consumers are influenced across many categories of the products they are purchasing from Creator recommendations.

  • Overall, Millennials over index shopping CPG through a Creator.
  • Beauty is #1 shopped category across the board.
  • Cleaning supplies is the next CPG product across all generations through Creator recommendations.


Seasonal and life stage shopping are top searches in the LTK app

Shoppers are interested in seasonal moments, with a strong focus on family and mothers. Not only are Creators linking cross-category, but consumers are inclined to shop cross category.

Sample of top LTK shopper search terms

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Inflation impact on buying power from past six months

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In Summary

CPG Study Shows:

  1. Creators are efficient, driving sales both online and in-store.
  2. Food & Beverage, Electronic, and Beauty are all growing at a rapid pace with Creator LTK posting habits.
  3. Consumers are more price-conscious but are finding ways to save money- shopping online more and driving less.
  4. Gen Z, Millennials and over $100k HH income, least impacted by inflation.
  5. Millennials are heavily influenced to shop CPG products through Creator. Beauty is the #1 category across generation.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn more!



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