How to Harness AI for Influencer Marketing

March 29, 2024

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LTK Blog #45 - How to Harness AI for Influencer Marketing From Awareness to Advocacy

As influencer marketing and technology evolve, brands have new opportunities to leverage AI alongside Creator-driven strategies. Explore how the two are coming together and how to make the most of each to supercharge your brand marketing and keep a competitive edge.

AI’s Expansion into Influencer Marketing

Today’s savviest customers—namely Gen Z and millennials—don’t care much for traditional media. They prefer authentic storytelling that talks to them over ads that talk at them to purely sell products.

Such a mindset makes way for influencer marketing, and like just about every other area of life, artificial intelligence is transforming it too. AI tools help brands make data-driven decisions, automate sourcing and management of influencer relationships, and improve performance.

Benefits of Using AI for Influencer Marketing

AI has the power to augment your influencer marketing efforts by streamlining influencer discovery, automating campaign management, tracking performance, and more. When you use it the right way, AI technology can optimize your strategies and enable data-driven decisions. Some of the most promising benefits and use cases include:

Influencer Discovery

You need the right voices to drive your marketing. This can be tricky when you have to factor in a multitude of variables, such as the Creator’s audience, industry expertise, channel performance, shared values and more—while also ensuring they are driving maximum success for your brand and reaching your established KPIs. 

Simplify the process and identify right-fit content Creators to partner with using AI that considers factors such as the influencer’s target demographics, interests, and authenticity. We’ve already seen how this streamlines Creator discovery, removing the guesswork and casting Creators that guarantee results. Brands using LTK's influencer discovery tool, LTK Match.AI, experience up to 5x ROAS with AI-recommended Creators.

Audience Segmentation

Who do you want to reach with your marketing, and where are they in the buyer’s journey? AI can help you analyze demographics, interests, social media behavior, and purchase patterns to identify trends indicative of different audience segments and inform your influencer marketing strategy. 

Predictive Analytics

Not sure what the future of your content may hold? AI uses predictive analytics to help both brands and Creators estimate future outcomes. These systems can learn from past patterns and trends to anticipate future events or behaviors, enabling Creators and brands to make informed decisions when building their content strategies.

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Content Creation

AI is a powerful ally in influencer marketing, streamlining Creator discovery and content creation without sacrificing the human touch. AI analyzes vast amounts of data to identify trends, audience preferences, and engagement patterns. 

This invaluable insight enables influencers to tailor their content strategies with precision, ensuring that each piece resonates authentically with their audience. AI-powered tools streamline tasks such as content ideation, keyword optimization, and performance tracking, empowering influencers to focus on creativity and connection. 

Performance Analytics

Are your efforts hitting the bullseye, or are you way off target? Leverage AI to assess real-time influencer campaign data, including click-through rates, conversion rates, engagement, and more. With enhanced performance data, you can pivot your efforts, whether that means revisiting targeting, adjusting your budget, or pursuing another area of influencer marketing. Tools like LTK 360, a 24/7 full-funnel performance dashboard, propels AI learning to optimize performance.

How LTK Helps You Leverage AI for Influencer Marketing

LTK is at the forefront of influencer marketing, enabling brands and Creators to share engaging content with valuable audiences. Backed by data from thousands of campaigns, we’ve created tools to bring the right partnerships to life.

LTK Match.AI

Imagine bringing a treasure trove of data together to work for you—no second-guessing. LTK Match.AI makes that dream a reality by analyzing 100 million data points and billions in sales from a proprietary dataset to match Creators with brands.

LTK Match.AI looks at historical and real-time product performance data, including exact products, similar items, and product categories. It analyzes effective influencer marketing, determining which Creators are most successful on the LTK platform based on engagement, impressions, and sales metrics. 

Bringing all of this information together, LTK Match.AI offers you quick, accurate, and personalized recommendations for Creator collaborations. Brands like yours save time and energy on Creator discovery and achieve a higher return on ad spend, whereas Creators gain enhanced visibility and earning potential.

LTK 360

Make your Creator program work for you, on your terms. LTK 360 empowers brands to scale their Creator program faster with a 24/7 full-funnel performance dashboard to optimize their investment in LTK Creators. LTK's unmatched 40M shoppers, 13 years of proprietary data, and full-funnel awareness tracking propels AI learning to optimize performance.

Tips for Leveraging AI in Your Brand’s Influencer Marketing

Artificial intelligence can be a valuable storytelling partner for Creators and your brand, but the trick is how you deploy it for your marketing. 

Although AI-driven predictive analytics can optimize content strategies, posting times, and content format, your expertise—and that of influencers—still matters. Don’t underestimate the value of what AI can’t replicate: human emotion and experience. Avoid over-reliance on technology and instead trust your intuition and creativity to keep audiences engaged and maintain authenticity.

If you choose to use AI in your influencer marketing, be upfront about it. Maintain transparency about its role in content creation so audiences understand your approach. Avoid ethical and legal implications of AI by prioritizing privacy and cultural sensitivity, obtaining consent to use audience data, and avoiding stereotypes in your content to uphold credibility and audience preferences.

Incorporate AI into YOUR Influencer Marketing

AI has elbowed its way into our everyday lives, so it makes perfect sense that it has carved out roles in influencer marketing. Stay on the cutting edge and incorporate AI into your influencer marketing strategy with LTK. Contact us today to begin your journey.


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