How Creators Scale CPG Cause Marketing

January 30, 2024

4 minute read

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LTK Blog #41 - How Creators Scale CPG Cause Marketing

Today’s consumers are driven beyond their end purchases. Their question isn’t “Where can I buy this product?” Instead, it’s “What does this brand stand for?” because they want to buy from brands they relate to. 

CPG brands can demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility by leveraging cause marketing. Deliver exceptional products while you execute on a solid brand mission and build a strong community. Explore where Creator partnerships fit into the mix and why they’re so valuable for your cause marketing efforts.

What Is Cause Marketing & Why Is It Important? 

When businesses unite with noble causes, good things happen. Cause marketing—a collaboration between an organization and a social cause—promotes a cause, drives change, and elevates brand reputation.

Drive brand loyalty 

You want your customers to be part of your journey for the long haul. Some of this loyalty is earned when your brand aligns marketing with social responsibility goals. You’re not just talking the talk; you’re making a connection between your mission and important issues—whether those are fair trade, ethical sourcing, community support, or something else—and pursuing it. A few stats put this into perspective:

  • 30 percent of consumers will buy sustainable products
  • 80 percent of consumers will pay 5 percent more for sustainably-produced products

Secure your brand’s future for tomorrow and years to come by differentiating it in the market and society. 

Connect with millennials and Gen Zers

Millennials and Gen Zers represent a treasure trove of opportunities because of what matters to them. As especially cause-conscious consumers, they put a premium on brands’ cause initiatives, from environmental activism to eco-friendly packaging. Gen Z, in particular, feels a sense of optimism about the future, believing their actions can improve the world. This type of pull is stronger than with prior generations, opening opportunities for your brand to attract newer generations of consumers.

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How Creators Power a Brand’s Cause Marketing and Sustainability Initiatives 

Creators should genuinely care about the cause 

Some might specialize in a certain content medium, such as video or social media, but just as many Creators focus on specific causes. These Creators can craft content that reaches and resonates with engaged audiences who care about the same initiatives. 

Creator storytelling drives authenticity 

Consumers favor brands that are transparent, and they want to know how their favorites are making a difference. Creators can effectively communicate the narrative of a cause and lend your CPG brand an extra layer of credibility by speaking about their own experiences via authentic storytelling content. Video content is particularly effective among millennials and Gen Zers—LTK sees 64 percent higher gross merchandise value (GMV) per post on video content compared to static.

Each Creator has a unique perspective, and partnering with them opens new avenues to tell their story in compelling and emotionally resonant ways that tug at their audience’s heartstrings.

Creators have significant influence and reach 

It could take you years to amass an audience in the thousands or millions, but Creators already have a large following across the social media platforms you want to tap into. They understand which platforms work best to reach the right audience and can lean into those channels. With a ready-made audience, a Creator can help amplify your cause marketing messages by getting in front of the people who trust their guidance the most.

Creator content drives engagement and participation 

You want people to not only buy your CPG products but also think, “Wow, they get me. This is what I’m all about, too.” Consumers may become more inclined to engage with content—and a brand—they feel connected to. Creators can bring innovation and creativity to marketing campaigns, helping to build an engaged cause-driven community among their audience. No one knows their audience better than they do, so Creators can easily capture their attention and encourage support, from fundraising to volunteering to spreading awareness.

Creator content can be used across marketing channels 

Why stop at a single platform? Creator content is effective and authentic, so its influence doesn’t have to be limited to the first place a Creator shares it. Between tailoring the message to the needs of distinct marketing channels and repurposing it in different formats—such as publishing an article on your brand’s site and trimming it into bite-sized social media posts—you can cut on production costs and get more mileage from Creator content all whilst ensuring your cause marketing message is consistent and touching multiple channels and audiences.

How LTK Can Extend Your Brand’s Commitment to Cause Marketing 

Not sure how to begin working with Creators to advance your cause marketing? LTK makes it easy, offering access to a robust community and providing time-tested tools to generate results.

LTK has an engaged and diverse Creator community

Our community includes over 250,000 Creators, many of whom care about causes that line up with the initiatives of brands like yours. We lean on 12 years of proprietary data and experience to remove the guesswork. LTK Casting ensures potential partners align with your cause and brand goals, while LTK Connect tools such as Match.AI or Marketplace find Creators who share your passion and specifically wish to work with your brand.

LTK scales reach for your cause 

Earn a wider reach, faster. LTK helps you disseminate upper-funnel messaging that scales faster than social media ads. Our 40,000,000 consumers are part of the early majority who share Creator posts, scaling their audiences to reach the tipping point faster. 

It’s part of what we call the LTK Effect, where LTK campaigns go beyond casted Creators, leading to virality across the LTK network so cause awareness and sales grow faster than any traditional media. And content lives on, too. LTK’s cause marketing doesn’t vanish once the Instagram story hits the 24-hour mark. Instead, the content stays on the LTK platform in perpetuity. 

LTK drives full-funnel impact 

Cause marketing touches the top of the funnel, but it’s probably not the only way you want your CPG brand to make an impact. Instead of looking for another resource to guide your marketing efforts, partner with LTK for a 360-degree winning brand strategy. Through tools and strategies such as LTK campaigns, LTK Ads, LTK Boost, and LTK Soirées, we can extend your messaging and reach, and even enhance audience targeting to drive impact across the full funnel.

Discover the Potential of Cause Marketing in 2024

Cause marketing goes beyond what brands offer and creates a platform to elevate their mission. Supporting something other than sales humanizes your brand, showing altruism and creating customer connections. 

Reach today’s most active shoppers by showing your best side. Start your cause marketing journey with LTK, and unlock the benefits of social responsibility.


Topics: Influencer Marketing LTK Creator Brands Creator Marketing

January 30, 2024

4 minute read

Influencer Marketing LTK Creator Brands Creator Marketing