August 2022: Meet LTK’s Fave New Follows

    August 11, 2022

    Meet the newest fashion, beauty and family influencers on LTK


    LTK Creators are more than influencers—they’re successful brands and are at the center of the LTK mission. They authentically inspire shoppers and drive Creator Commerce™ with their original curated content.  We are honored to welcome these new Creators to our LTK family. 

    Meet our August “Fave New Follows”: 

    bran_flakezz ltk fave new follow

    Name: Brandon Edelman
    Specialty: Fashion
    LTK Shop: @bran_flakezz


    jessicanabongo ltk fave new follow

    Name: Jessica Nabongo
    Specialty: Fashion and travel
    LTK Shop: @JessicaNabongo

  ltk fave new follows

    Name: Milena Prifti
    Specialty: Fashion
    LTK Shop:


    shadesofpinck ltk fave new follows

    Name: Megan Pinckney
    Specialty: Fashion, beauty and home
    LTK Shop: @shadesofpinckney


    chinaealexander ltk fave new follows

    Name: Chinea Alexander
    Specialty: Fashion
    LTK Shop: @Chinaealexander


    phaithmontoya ltk fave new follows

    Name: Phaith Montoya
    Specialty: Fashion
    LTK Shop: @Phaithmontoya


    sarahrosesummers ltk fave new follows

    Name: Sarah Rose Summers
    Specialty: Fashion, beauty and home
    LTK Shop: @sarahrosesummers


    nicolemehta ltk fave new follows

    Name: Nicole Mehta
    Specialty: Fashion
    LTK Shop: @nicolemehta 


    mousetrvp ltk fave new follows

    Name: Kevin Ha
    Specialty: Fashion
    LTK Shop: @Mousetvrp


    africanjawn ltk fave new follows

    Name: Nneka Ibeabuchi
    Specialty: Fashion and beauty
    LTK Shop: @Africanjawn


    mirandamckeon ltk fave new follows

    Name: Miranda McKeon
    Specialty: Fashion and beauty
    LTK Shop: @mirandamckeon


    marialayton ltk fave new follows

    Name: Maria Layton
    Specialty: Fashion 
    LTK Shop: @marialayton


    simplyfalaksid ltk fave new follows

    Name: Falak Siddiqui
    Specialty: Fashion and beauty
    LTK Shop: @simplyfalaksid


    alexsilverfagan ltk fave new follows

    Name: Alex Silver Fagan
    Specialty: Fashion and fitness
    LTK Shop: @alexsilverfagan


    livinmevidaale ltk fave new follows

    Name: Alessandra Martinez
    Specialty: Fashion, beauty and family
    LTK Shop: @LivinMiVidaAle


    tracycampooli ltk fave new follows

    Name: Tracy Campoli
    Specialty: Fashion
    LTK Shop: @tracycampoli


    LTK enables influencers and content creators to earn more and quickly grow their business through Creator Commerce™, a subset of e-commerce where they share, promote and sell their favorite products to their followers. As the original pioneer of Creator Commerce™, LTK was founded to empower influencers to support themselves and their families by doing and sharing what they love.



    If you are looking for a little more direction and want to know what it takes to become a full-time LTK Creator, we’ve got you covered. Discover how anyone can be an influencer turned creator with the power of Creator Commerce™ at their fingertips to turn a hobby into a full-time business. At LTK we empower more than 200K top-tier Creators, 6K Brands across 100 countries, and 8M monthly in-app LTK Shoppers


    The value of working with LTK

    LTK was founded by a Creator, for Creators and influencers. We understand the unique needs of premium influencers across all categories. Our teams support you by pairing hands-on strategic guidance with the industry’s most advanced digital tools to maximize your monetization potential and build lasting brand relationships.


    How to leverage your own LTK Shop, a Creator’s digital storefront:

    1. Post all shoppable content to your LTK Shop where it’s available to search and shop. 
    2. LTK converts followers to shoppers 3.5x more than social channels, so your time is well spent when optimizing your LTK Shop, and there is no need to re-post content over and over to capture scrolling followers. Shoppers on LTK are there to buy!
    3. LTK is uniquely positioned to ride the inevitable rise and fall of social media platforms, leaving the control with you, regardless of evolving social algorithms.

    About LTK

    LTK is the largest global digital marketing platform powered by influencers. It was founded in 2011 by Amber and Baxter Box to empower the world’s premium lifestyle creators to be as economically successful as possible. For the past decade, LTK has grown to become a trusted and effective business-enablement platform where creators launch, run and grow their LTK  Shop. The company is headquartered in Dallas, TX and currently operates on five continents. Download the app today: LTK in the App Store or Google Play.

    Are you interested in becoming an LTK Creator? Do you want to collaborate with brands you love, grow with a community of 200,000 global creators, and start earning? We created the industry and are now defining the next decade. So what are you waiting for? It’s time for YOU to join our network of entrepreneurs. 



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