Creator Collaborations and the Key to Becoming LTK Most Loved

March 1, 2024

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LTK Blog #43 - Becoming LTK Most Loved (Webinar Recap)

When consumers are in the Wild West of comparison shopping, they go through a process before they land on the right product. They weigh options, often considering quality, brand, and price. You can put these pieces on display and drive loyalty with help from Creator partners who understand the value you bring to the table. 

Consider our tips for strong Creator collaborations on your way to becoming one of LTK’s Most Loved brands, and discover how others have made an impact with their products.

LTK’s Most Loved Products of 2023

When LTK Consumers and Creators come together, we have the power to make products "must haves" across categories. Every year, we celebrate the tremendous value of these partnerships by sharing who and what has become Most Loved. 

We evaluated millions of Creator-linked products through insights gathered by LTK Benchmark™ technology, examining metrics including engagement, shopper interaction, clicked links, and sales. Take a peek at a few selections from LTK's annual roundup of the most shopped, talked about, engaged with, and coveted products by our LTK Consumers and Creators across categories: 


Stay covered from top to bottom in style with the latest fashions from the hottest brands.

Beauty and Personal Care

Ultra smooth and perfectly kissable—these beauty brands are giving consumers the products to look and feel amazing.


Stay stylin’ and comfortable, both inside and outside. Brands are giving consumers options to make a house feel more like a home.

Food and Beverage

Earn the coveted chef’s kiss with inspired eats to suit all ages and tastes. Popular retailers encourage audiences to put on their aprons.

Get inspired! Explore the full list of winners to see what the most effective brands are doing to reach consumers and how yours might do the same.

Recipe for Becoming a Most Loved Brand

How can you land on this list? The key to becoming one of LTK’s Most Loved brands is six-fold, and it requires you to understand your own brand, your audience, and the Creator landscape to take audiences from casual viewers to committed customers. 

Align on larger organizational goals.

What is your brand trying to achieve? Creator collaborations drive full-funnel marketing, helping customers achieve their goals no matter their stage of the funnel. Creator marketing can help drive sales, increase brand awareness, reach new audiences, improve brand perception, build brand loyalty, and even attract younger shoppers. When you understand your goals, your brand can better craft Creator programs to achieve your KPIs and position your products as those that are Most Loved.

The results are easy to see, too. Over half of fashion brands and 45 percent of beauty brands said Creator collaborations improved their overall brand perception.

Understand consumer and Creator upticks to identify which moments align to your business.

Priorities shift throughout the year, whether that means a focus on physical health and wellness in January or aligning with mental health awareness in May. Creators pay attention to trends and shopping categories, posting products based on conversion and earnings. Some of the top categories impacted by seasonal ebbs and flows include:

  • Beauty/Personal Care
  • Fashion
  • Home
  • Food

Maybe you’re a cosmetics brand, and National Lipstick Day is right around the corner. Think of the potential of activating a Creator campaign around this to drive awareness and conversions.

Become audience-obsessed! 

Focus on what types of shoppers you are trying to reach. Why are they looking for Creator content? Shoppers in categories such as cooking, fashion, home decor, beauty, and travel are often looking for inspiration, and you can meet them where they are.

The key is having the right Creators deliver your messages. Casting the right Creators drives consumers toward the tipping point of converting to customers. Take cooking as an example: If you have effective foodie Creators cook up recipes or promote products, they can inspire their foodie followers.

Test a 360-degree strategy. 

Brands and their products can achieve Most Loved status by activating a 360-degree marketing Creator strategy that considers every stage of the marketing funnel. LTK’s tools work to unleash your potential in the following ways:

  • LTK Campaigns showcase Creator content across channels. Reach not only Creator followers but also 40 million LTK app shoppers and consumers visiting your social media channels.
  • LTK Ads include takeovers, banner ads, email, and social media, and they help you reach 250,000 Curated Creators and 40 million LTK consumers.
  • LTK Boost amplifies Creator content across channels such as Instagram and TikTok. Reach your audience by targeting them where they are with authentic content directly from the Creator’s handle
  • LTK Soirées include LTK Con, Creator retreats, bespoke events, and industry events like LTK Beautiful. Leverage events to reach and develop relationships with curated Creators that could lead to organic posting behaviors.

Apply the learnings from your tests to a larger evergreen program.

What is your strategy revealing about your brand and its efforts? Take the successes and use them as inspiration to build awareness, drive consideration, and get conversions.

Watch as your brand reaches the tipping point.

We’ve seen time and again that consumers of ALL generations trust Creators more than they trust any ad or celebrity. Over half of the population does most of their shopping online, swinging the door wide open for Creators to reach them in the digital sphere. 

Creator collaborations can bring consumers to the tipping point through social media, as 23 percent of the population says most of their shopping originates there. Whether it’s through posts or recommendations, Creators successfully drive 56 percent of the population to buy with their content.

Be Our Most Loved in 2024

Reach the hearts and minds of consumers across the entire sales funnel. No matter your industry vertical, if you can speak to your audience’s needs in the spaces where they’re most active, it’s easier to bring them along on your journey. LTK provides the building blocks to help, from setting goals to deploying effective strategies. 

Want to become a Most Loved product for 2024? Explore the on-demand Most Loved webinar for additional insights, and get in touch with LTK to find the best strategy and Creators for your brand.


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