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As part of rewardStyle's Executive Leadership Team series, we are introducing each of our leaders and providing a glimpse into their business unit, the projects they are focused on and a bit of background on what attracted them to the world's largest influencer marketing platform...

Today we introduce rewardStyle's Chief Technology Officer Bill Bodin. Bill leads rewardStyle’s innovative engineering endeavors and shapes the technological vision and future product roadmap.

Bill brings more than 30 years of technology industry experience to rewardStyle. Most recently, he served as Chief Technology Officer at Kony, the world's premiere omni-channel app platform company. Bodin chaired Kony’s Reference Architecture Council, led Technology and Strategy assessments, led Kony’s Intellectual Property efforts and enhanced the Kony platform, Quantum, which customers use to deliver their digital experiences as world-class smartphone, tablet, wearable and web applications. Prior to the acquisition by Temonos, Bill filed 11 patents at Kony specific to Artificial Intelligence and relating to AI in developmental platforms and cognitive applications.

Prior to Kony, Bill was the CTO of IBM’s Mobile Computing CIO group. He was both a Distinguished Engineer and a recognized Master Inventor at IBM, and holds numerous patents in domains including Mobility, Operating Systems, Media, Telematics, Consumer Electronics,  Healthcare. While at IBM, Bill created and deployed a comprehensive mobile ecosystem, delivering mobile capabilities to IBM's customers and employees.  He was also the creator and thought leader for IBM Catalyst, the mobile development accelerator framework (CIO100 2015 award winner), and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology and Academy Leadership Team.

At rewardStyle, Bill's visionary approach is focused on massive platform scalability and the infusion of forward-thinking digital technologies throughout our brand, influencer and customer experiences. As a renowned engineer, we asked Bill to describe, in his own words, what he's working towards and how his experience led him here.

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