On-Demand Webinar: Top 5 Influencer Trends in 2022

February 18, 2022

1 minute read

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Top Trends for 2022 from LTK's Brand Influence Forecast

The creator economy is rapidly accelerating, expected to reach $16.4B this year according to Influencer Marketing Hub. As the industry matures, brands are expanding the ways they grow affinity and sales through creators. What was considered a new marketing tactic only a handful of years ago is now a staple for brands of all sizes.

In our latest webinar, Ally Anderson, Director of Strategy & Insights, LTK Brand Partnerships, discussed most effective influencer marketing strategies for brands using insights from LTK's annual Brand Influence Forecast. 

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Here is a summary of the top trends in influencer marketing in 2022: 

  • Video content will continue to drive greater engagement and conversions
  • Gen Z partnerships are a top priority
  • Influencer benchmarking will increasingly inform influencer strategy
  • Co-op creator influencer marketing will expand as retail media groups grow
  • Content-first creator campaigns and influencer boosting are accelerating as they outperform traditional ad creative

The LTK Brand Influence Forecast is based on qualitative interviews with marketers from leading brands on the LTK Brand Platform and quantitative analysis using LTK Influencer Benchmark™, a tool that identifies creator and shopper engagement, brand share of voice, impressions, clicks, items sold and sales across industry verticals and creator-led marketing disciplines.

Read the Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing for Retail Brands to learn more about these trends and how they can elevate your influencer marketing strategy. 



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Topics: Insights Influencer Marketing LTK Platform

February 18, 2022

1 minute read

Insights Influencer Marketing LTK Platform