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    On-Demand Webinar: Gen Z Influencer Shoppers

    October 18, 2021

    Key insights from LTK’s 2021 Gen Z Influencer Shopper Study


    Gain important insights on the Gen Z shoppers who influence purchase decisions the most – and where. These research-based discoveries can help you improve campaign targeting and messaging, and make your influencer program a success.

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    Hear from LTK on how they build influencer Gen Z followings and learn:

    • What percentage of influential shoppers are Gen Z
    • The amplification Gen Z provides to influencer campaigns
    • Key generational characteristics and how to best engage them
    • The social platforms they use most and how they use them
    • How Gen Z shoppers drive influencer recommended sales
    • Shopping categories Gen Z cares about and impacts the most 


    Our creator-powered platform centers your brand in the context of influencers’ lives while capturing 10+ years of unmatched creator-level data to take the guesswork out of influencer marketing.

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