The rising influence of Creators in online shopping trends

May 20, 2022

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Online shopping continues to skyrocket, with e-commerce expected to make up 22% of global retail sales by 2023. Given this shifting marketplace, it’s important for brands to understand consumer shopping behaviors so they can pull the best marketing levers to reach their ideal target audience. 

According to a recent LTK study, Creators are now the most influential drivers of purchase decisions online, above brands, retailers, celebrities, and store associates. 

We spoke with Abercrombie Brands’ Head of Global PR & Influence, Cory Weaver, Ph.D, about how they’ve leveraged influencer marketing to communicate with their audience: 

“It’s one thing for a brand to say who they are, it’s another thing for people to see it on the accounts and feeds of the Creators they implicitly trust.”
Cory Weaver, Ph.D, Head of Global PR & Influence, Abercrombie Brands


The LTK study revealed 3 key insights about online shopping:


Insight #1: Social and mobile shopping habits of women and men are becoming increasingly similar

The gap is closing in the online shopping habits of men and women, as the majority are now not only doing most of their online shopping from their phones, but are more influenced than ever by the people they follow on social media.




Insight #2: Convenience is why people are shopping online

Convenience is the top reason people choose to shop online, followed by selection and price. Each brand has a unique set of attributes to communicate with consumers, and communicating that unique story to consumers is becoming more important to remain competitive.



Insight #3: Social media is inclusive of all audiences

The second reason consumers visit social sites is to seek tips and advice from social media influencers, just behind sharing with friends and family.

Why consumers visit social sites:

  1. To post and share things they like with friends and family
  2. To seek tips and advice from social media influencers
  3. To stay updated on friends and family news
  4. To find deals
  5. To be entertained
  6. To keep up on the news


“What’s important for brand marketers to understand is that a Creator's audience can be just as important as the Creator themself. Not only are Creators driving significant trackable sales, but their followers are amplifying their reach and sales through reposts of their own.”

Rodney Mason, Head of Marketing, LTK Brand Partnerships

With the rise of Creator-led shopping, influencer marketing is a strategy that brands of all sizes can’t afford to overlook. By tapping into Creator audiences, brands are finding success in driving traffic, awareness and sales in an authentic way.

Watch the on-demand webinar for further insights on this study and to hear from our panel of experts from LTK, Abercrombie, Summer Fridays, and Lone Fox on how to tap into the power of influencer audiences.

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Topics: Insights Influencer Marketing LTK Platform

May 20, 2022

2 minute read

Insights Influencer Marketing LTK Platform