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    No Photoshoot? No Problem. Our Influencers Can Help.

    May 12, 2020

    A trend you can tap into today. With travel and budget restrictions in place, brands have cancelled photoshoots and instead are now leaning into influencers’ content for their websites, social platforms and digital placements. We work with our brand partners to create beautiful, branded imagery for their digital channels in two ways:

    On-demand influencer contentBlog Images.001

    Looking for on-spec imagery for your social, digital or website? Not able to host a photo shoot but still need branded content?  Do you need visuals that reflect the current stay home climate?  We can help you partner with influencers from home to generate customized, branded content that is on-demand and on-spec.


    License influencer contentBlog Images.002

    Did you know that Influencer content from rewardStyle campaigns can typically be cross-promoted within all brand-owned social media platforms? If you need assets for onsite product pages or for paid media placements, our team can help secure licensing rights to this content quickly and cost-effectively.

    Reach out to learn more about on-demand influencer content and content licensing rights for your digital and social channels today.



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