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March 10, 2023

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LTK Connect Creator Commerce Creator Marketing LTK Visionaries Series

Each year, we evaluate millions of Creator-linked products using our proprietary benchmarking technology to identify top-performing products from brands based on consumer engagement, impressions, clicked links, items sold, and total sales.

This year, we highlighted a few brands that took home awards for their Most Loved products, and learned how they utilize LTK Creators to boost their reach with engaged audiences in the LTK app.



Most Loved Fashion winner | High Waisted Straight Jeans 

Kendra Stokes, VP of Brand Marketing shares how Express is growing their Creator community with LTK to activate their collective styling community and bring their brand purpose to life. 


“As video content continues to be on the rise, we look for creators who are great visual storytellers…our Creators simply know how to connect with their followers, our customers, in a unique and meaningful way.” –VP of Brand Marketing at Express, Kendra Stokes




Colleen Rothschild

Most Loved Beauty winner | Glycolic Acid Peel Pads

Hear from co-founder, Colleen Rothschild,as she explains her story as a woman founder and how she uses LTK Creators as her key marketing strategy to get the word out about new product launches.


“I want someone with experience and someone I can trust, and that’s what I think is important about the relationship between us as a brand and the Creator. –Co-Founder, Colleen Rothschild





Most Loved Beauty winner | Dyson Airwrap™

Caitlyn Love and Madison Cunningham from the influencer marketing team at QVC share how the Dyson Airwrap took the Creator space by storm and why QVC leans into Creators who already have proven that they know and love the brand.


“Authenticity and engagement are two factors that are super important to us, showing that they know their audience on a personal level, and they can help them make a personal connection to the product they are selling.” –Influencer Marketing Specialist at QVC, Caitlyn Love




Strawberry Avocados

Most Loved Fashion winner | Honey Bee Watch Band

Listen as founder Sandy Petit shares why shoppers love the neutral watch band and how LTK Creators helped give visibility to her small business by sharing the product.


“LTK is the perfect way to link products seamlessly–people are able to purchase easily. It works for each and every one of us.” –Founder, Sandy Petit




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