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May 11, 2022

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LTK Connect

The LTK Connect Visionaries Series spotlights and celebrates visionary DTC businesses that are successfully changing industries on their own terms and have leveraged LTK Connect and LTK Creators to drive sales, traffic, and brand recognition in inspiring ways.



The Bachelor alum AshLee Frazier-Williams founded ANEA HILL to cultivate her longtime love of fashion and design. As the CEO and designer, she’s motivated daily to build something for her two daughters and show them that it’s possible to be both a mom and an entrepreneur.


With a focus on luxury sunglasses, the why behind ANEA HILL is bigger than accessories. ANEA is an anagram for AshLee’s family members, Aaron, Navy, Everleigh, and AshLee—a fitting way to convey that when you purchase ANEA HILL, you’re joining the family. HILL represents the coveted feeling of being the best dressed in the room.


Because every ANEA HILL piece holds deeper meaning, AshLee wanted to find a way to get her product directly into the hands of consumers who would appreciate the authenticity of the designs. As she considered how to drive awareness for the new brand, she was confident in the power of Creators to make that connection with shoppers—and when Creators came into the picture, LTK was her first thought. As an LTK Creator herself, AshLee was familiar with the platform. She gradually grew her personal following, then began promoting her products on her LTK Shop, capitalizing on her existing audience to turn ANEA HILL into a full-time endeavor.


AshLee first expanded the reach for ANEA HILL through LTK Connect Beta, providing important feedback and insights that shaped the development of the current product. Now an LTK Connect subscriber and top user on the platform, ANEA HILL has worked with more than 40 Creators and counting. And the results are rewarding: the top Creator from a recent campaign drove a staggering 40% engagement rate.


AshLee values not only the vast metrics she’s able to tap into through LTK Connect, but having the support of a team that genuinely cares about her business, which allows her to spend more time with her daughters—her why.


“It’s been really fun to basically nerd out and find all kinds of juicy, good, behind-the-scenes information on our Creators that we wouldn’t have been able to find anywhere else,” says AshLee. “And I consider myself part of the team. It’s a good group of people who care about my business and where I’m going. As a brand, as a mom, as an influencer, with LTK Connect, I’m realizing you really can do it all.”


Drive Growth, Increase Customer Loyalty with LTK

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To find top-performing Creators, manage end-to-end campaigns, boost reach, and track the success of your influencer marketing campaigns, you’ll need a platform that enables brands to manage all of this in a single space. LTK’s full-service to self-service influencer marketing platform and five-star shopping app with millions of shoppers grow influence and sales for 5k+ brands of all sizes.


About LTK Connect 

For more than a decade, thousands of brands have worked with LTK to help drive billions of sales through its platform. LTK Connect, the new self-serve platform, opens the door for many more brands—especially direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies—to tap into the power of Creator Commerce™, many for the first time.


With a Beta launch in 2021, and now released globally, LTK Connect enables brands of all sizes to directly build, manage, and scale influencer marketing campaigns by providing tools for contract negotiation, Creator communication, reporting, and more. There are risks and challenges inherent to running DTC businesses. We launched LTK Connect to provide the content, technology, and resources DTC businesses will find most helpful to execute influencer marketing strategies and start seeing results, right away.




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May 11, 2022

2 minute read

LTK Connect