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    Influencer-Driven Trend: Kitchen Refresh

    September 15, 2020

    While we’ve all racked up more hours indoors these last six months, it is no surprise that consumers are looking to give their living spaces a refresh, especially in the heart of all homes: the kitchen. For size, kitchen-related search terms such as 'kitchen renovation', 'dining room table', and 'barstools' are all seeing triple-digit growth in LIKEtoKNOW.it app searches, and it makes sense. With influencers acting as go-to shopping guides with the latest and greatest, consumers continuously check in to get their recommendations when considering large purchases. An influencer embodies many things to their audience, and “interior designer” certainly sits near the top of that list. In step with the trend, we rounded up some kitchens that are not only inspirational, but also actionable. Whether you’re cooking, setting up a makeshift office, or teaching your kids the ABC’s at the counter — these kitchen finds are not to be missed.



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