Influencer and Brand Implications of Potential TikTok Ban: Insights from LTK Founder, Amber Venz Box

March 20, 2024

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The possibility of TikTok facing a forced sale from Chinese ownership or to be banned from the US looms large with the US House of Representatives passing a bill to do just that last week. To shed light on how this could impact Creators and the brands that partner with them, LTK President & Co-founder Amber Venz Box, a Creator and trailblazer in influencer marketing, was asked to share her opinion with news outlets Bloomberg Business and Fox News’ Cavuto: Coast to Coast, which you can view in these links.

Key Takeaways

Consumers follow Creators    

Amber is confident that Creator and brand impact will be minimal if TikTok were banned. In part because consumers follow Creators and visit social sites to be entertained and engaged by the Creators they follow. Creators are savvy and have already diversified the platforms they post to, having gone through many changes in the social media landscape that has occurred almost every 2 years since LTK was founded 14 years ago. Brands that align with Creators versus social platforms will have no issues or disruption in performance and those that have will quickly adjust.

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Creators monetize outside of social media   

Other than YouTube, social platforms do not share revenue much at all with Creators, who earn income by monetizing their relationships with their audiences. The ones who are making a career out of being a Creator, do so through their own LTK Shop or other alternative sources. Each social media channel is typically just one of many platforms a Creator uses to grow their following and not where they actually make their income. Brands that work with Creators already understand this dynamic and do not take a platform-specific approach with their influencer marketing strategy. By focusing on Creators and the audiences they reach, brands are expanding their presence across multiple channels through their Creator partners and mitigating changes to safeguard their success.

AI-Powered Technology is revolutionizing the Creator economy    

Some of the largest investment institutions, including Goldman Sachs and Citi are forecasting a doubling in size of the Creator economy in the next few years, in part because Creators engage audiences better than any other medium and are trusted more than ads, celebrities, and even friends and family. It's also because of AI-enriched technology like LTK that empowers Creators and brands to get personal and scale faster through the changing social tide. 

LTK simplifies connecting the right Creators to brands, providing an easy consumer shop-from-Creator experience, and optimization of paid and organic campaign performance over time, regardless of social platforms. 

That’s why Creators like @perfumeprincess are recommending LTK as the platform for their followers to shop their content and receive recommendations regardless of what happens to TikTok or other social platforms.

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