rewardStyle and are now LTK. Now, all partners will know us as one single global brand name: LTK.

LTK Hosts First-Ever Product Event to Share Vision for the Next Generation of Creator Commerce

ScreenLTKLiveImageIn an exclusive event hosted by LTK co-founder and president Amber Venz Box, a global creator audience tuned in to learn all the ways LTK is building a world-class shopping experience for the next generation of Creator CommerceTM -- for creators, brands and shoppers alike. 

Ten years ago, LTK pioneered the original tools and technology that gave creators all over the world the means to monetize their digital content and earn a living off the items they recommend online, a concept that has since fueled a new economy and transformed retail as we know it.  Today, LTK continues to focus on helping creators win by powering their exclusive flagship store on LTK: their LTK Shop.  

Creators’ LTK Shop is the foundation for their online business and their one-stop, universal shop where their audience comes specifically to shop, discover and buy the items they use in their daily lives.

Amber Venz Box was joined by several of LTK’s top creators to showcase to a live audience the new features that are making it even easier to bring fans and followers along and immerse them in the best guided shopping experience online. 


*New* Feature Highlights

AUTO FOLLOW:  When someone clicks through to a creator’s LTK Shop from one of their social media platforms, they will automatically be added as a new follower in the LTK app and get all the benefits that come along with it.  This feature has been a HUGE boost for creators and in its first week of launching, accounted for a 700% increase in Shop followers. 



FAVORITES:  LTK provides shoppers a single place to save everything they want so they can buy when they’re ready.  This saved list is helpful in making shopping easier for consumers and important for creators and retailers alike in converting sales.  

PriceDropAlerts copy


PRICE DROP ALERTS: Creators’ followers will now get an alert when an item they favorited goes on sale.  Brands like Express, Abercrombie and Fitch, Luisaviaroma and Free People have already partnered with LTK to bring this feature to shoppers, with many more to come. 

PriceDropAlerts copy 3

HOMESCREEN BADGES:  To help ensure users don’t miss any of the content from their favorite follows, Homescreen Badging creates a red icon over creators’ profiles to signal to their followers how many posts they’ve missed since they last visited the app. 


{COMING SOON!} HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDES:  Every year, influencers are a reliable source of shopping inspiration for everyone on our wish lists. The new Gift Guide feature makes it even easier for LTK users to discover, explore and shop creators’ favorite hand-picked items for the holidays. It will be prominently displayed at the top of a creator’s Shop for the whole season, making it super easy to instantly shop or save on your shopping list. 


{COMING SOON!} LTK COLLECTIONS:  Collections organize and group existing content to make it easy to navigate and to give items more context. It harkens back to the best of the blogging days, with the ability to explore curated round-ups of related or themed items -- from beach vacation must-haves to dozens of makeup tutorials in one spot. 

“I’m so excited about what the future holds for LTK and the next generation of Creator CommerceTM. LTK Creators are more than entertainment; more than “influencer marketing”; more than retailers. They are the entrepreneurial powerhouses of our time and are collectively cultivating an industry all their own.  I’m honored to be at the helm of a company that is committed to helping them achieve all the economic success they deserve.” 


-Amber Venz Box, co-founder and president of LTK