LTK Announces SoftBank Vision Fund 2 Investment

    November 22, 2021


    A $300 million investment by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 will supercharge development of new technology for creators, brands and shoppers, and scale LTK’s presence internationally 

    More committed than ever to its mission of empowering the world’s top digital creators, LTK today announced it has welcomed SoftBank Vision Fund 2 as an investor. LTK plans to hire extensively across the entire organization to dramatically accelerate development of new products for creators, brands and shoppers, and scale its international presence. 
    “This investment is a validated belief in the current and future opportunities for creators around the world when they put their skills to use on the LTK platform,” said Amber Venz Box, co-founder and president of LTK. “SoftBank shares our vision and amplifies our ambition, and I am so excited about what this means for building the future of the creator economy.” 
    To learn more about LTK’s announcement, please visit our full press release