Is the paid Meta verification subscription the answer to getting more views on Instagram and Facebook?

November 2, 2023

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Creators can gain an extra layer of protection with verification, but it’s still too early tell if it’s worth it


Meta has launched a new subscription service—Meta Verified for Creators and businesses. According to the Meta website, “verification establishes your presence as a Creator on Instagram and Facebook and builds more confidence with your customers for businesses.”




A look at Creator verification:

  • $11.99 when you subscribe on the web
  • $14.99 when you subscribe in the app
  • The subscription only supports a Creator’s real name on their profile
    • Once a profile is verified, a Creator can only change their username, profile name, date of birth, or profile photo by going through the Meta Verified subscription and verification process again.



Creator verification includes:

  • A verified badge
  • Access to account support when needed from a real person on common account issues
  • Active impersonation monitoring for accounts with two-factor authentication
  • Subscribers of the Meta Verified program get increased visibility and prominence in Facebook and Instagram comments, search, recommendations, and suggested accounts
  • Exclusive stickers for Instagram Stories and Reels
  • 100 Stars a month on Facebook, ONLY where available so Creators can show their support for other Creators

A look at business verification:

  • Monthly subscriptions start at $21.99 USD per month, per Instagram account or Facebook page.
    • Subscriptions purchased on mobile are $27.99 a month per Instagram account or Facebook Page. At this time, businesses purchasing on mobile are limited to one business asset subscription (Instagram account or Facebook Page).
  • Subscriptions may be canceled anytime.
  • Subscriptions are available in all regions. 
  • Businesses must meet certain eligibility requirements in order to qualify.



Business verification includes:

  • A verified badge to help a business stand out by confirming it is validated and authentic.
  • Added impersonation protection for the brand with proactive impersonation monitoring.
  • Access to support and help troubleshooting account issues, with expanded account support for Meta Verified businesses who do not already advertise with Meta.
  • Improved discovery by being featured as a Meta Verified business.


Our take on LTK Creators paying for verification:

Paid Meta verification for our Creators with strong followings can possibly provide them with an extra layer of protection, should they need support with their account (think deactivation, hacking, etc.). With this being a fairly new feature, there is not enough data to share the true value beyond what Meta has shared. 

Creators can still apply for traditional, FREE verification if they are in jeopardy of being impersonated and have media to support that they are a public figure. Learn more about this traditional type of verification HERE.

It is important to note that Creators cannot use one subscription for Instagram and Facebook. According to Meta, to use Meta Verified on both Instagram and Facebook, a Creator must subscribe to each app separately. However, currently if a Creators subscribes on Facebook, their verified badge will also appear on Messenger.


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