Meta’s broadcast channels aim to deepen a connection between a Creator and their follower

November 3, 2023

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This fun and interactive feature is a new way to amplify Creator engagement, however does it fragment a Creator’s audience?


In June 2023, Meta released broadcast channels to all global Instagram users and in October 2023 it was added to a limited number of Facebook and Messenger Creators. According to Meta, broadcast channels are a great place to create urgency for the most loyal followers. They enable Creators to use a one-to-many messaging approach to share updates, polls, voice notes, and more with their audience. 

Meta states, Creators can use broadcast channels as a casual, quick way to keep followers up-to-date. They can use text, photo, video and voice notes to share their latest updates and behind-the-scenes moments and even create polls to crowdsource fan feedback. Only Creators can send messages, while followers can react to content and vote in polls. Creators can share unlimited links in these groups and the users likely to join a Creator’s broadcast channel are those who are most interested in connecting with that Creator. 

Broadcast channels are free for Creators to make and do not require a fee or subscription. 


Instagram broadcast channels


amber broadcast channel


Creators can start a broadcast channel from their Instagram inbox. Upon sending their first broadcast channel message, their followers will receive a one-time notification to join the channel. 

Creators with Subscriptions have an option to create a broadcast channel limited to paid subscribers for their most exclusive content. Learn more about Instagram Subscriptions HERE


Facebook and Messenger broadcast channels

  • Broadcast channels allow users to follow Creators and high-profile individuals, who can update their audience via DM, facilitating more intimate connections and avoiding algorithmic suppression.
  • Facebook will highlight broadcast channels on Creator pages, and Creators can promote their channels in-feed.
  • Broadcast channels are only available to a limited number of Creators on Facebook and Messenger. Creators can sign up for early access HERE


LTK Creators and broadcast channels


  • An LTK Creator’s LTK Shop or digital storefront is the destination where they can keep their shopper community in one holistic place, agnostic of which social platform the follower found them on. 
  • It is important to note that this does become another avenue for Creators to keep up with and keep an audience engaged in, thus fragmenting a Creator’s audience further. 

Are you an influencer looking to build your own brand and want to be part of a top-tier, FREE Creator community that allows your audience to follow you without any restrictions?

Then LTK is your answer. LTK empowers Creators to give their audience a world-class shopping experience by monetizing their content. As an LTK Creator, you can create and publish shoppable content that is persistent, indexed and easily searchable on the LTK app. What’s even better is that the LTK platform does the work to track shopper behavior, bring confidence to the purchase, retarget and convert the sale.




The benefits of being an influencer turned LTK Creator include access to:

  • 30M+ monthly LTK shoppers
  • 7K+ brands across 100 countries
  • A community of hundreds of thousands of top-tier Creators
  • 700+ global team members 
  • LTK Creator app, a platform to easily curate shoppable content
  • Personalized LTK Shop
  • LTK app that offers convenience, accessibility and data-driven personalization for shoppers
  • Educational resources that feature industry leaders, webinars, updates on shopper behaviors, and so much more


End the year on a high note by monetizing your content with your LTK Shop, your digital storefront: 

  • Your content on LTK is always on, simply post all your shoppable content to your LTK Shop where it’s available to search and shop. 
  • LTK converts followers to shoppers 3.5x more than social channels, so your time is well spent in optimizing your LTK Shop, and there is no need to re-post content over and over to capture scrolling followers. 
  • LTK is uniquely positioned to ride the inevitable rise and fall of social media platforms, leaving the control with YOU.
  • Earn more passive income with your very own LTK Shop.


About LTK

As the founder of Creator guided shopping, LTK is the trusted and effective platform for Creators and their businesses by powering the connection between content and commerce. Founded in 2011 by Amber and Baxter Box, the LTK mission is to empower Creators to be as economically successful as possible. World premium lifestyle Creators in more than 150 countries drive more than $4 billion in annual retail sales through their LTK Shop profiles. Today, nearly 30 million shoppers turn to LTK Creators in the LTK shopping platform each month to find inspiration and instantly shop the styles recommended by their favorite Creators. And, more than 7,000 brands partner with LTK to gain access to its global creator network for content that converts against performance-driven, cross-channel KPIs. A three-time honoree on Fast Company’s list of Most Innovative Retail Companies, LTK is headquartered in Dallas, TX and currently operates on five continents. To download the LTK shopping app, search for LTK in the App Store or Google Play.




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