More than 30M monthly shoppers rely on the LTK app as a trusted source for Creator-guided shopping

November 24, 2023

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Discover how the LTK app provides a user-friendly shopping experience 


LTK (formerly LikeToKnow.IT) is the premier in-app and online shopping destination that features hundreds of thousands of top-tier LTK Creators and over 7,000 brands worldwide. 

Shoppers love the LTK app experience because it’s designed specifically for them! The LTK app allows consumers to instantly shop images and videos curated by LTK Creators for all their needs, including the latest fashion, beauty, and home decor trends, plus gift ideas, luxury goods, and even consumer packaged goods (CPG). 


LTK has more than 30M monthly shoppers, and those shoppers are purchasing shoppable content at a rate of 3.5x higher

than when they are browsing social media. 




What is LTK (formerly LikeToKnow.It)?

LTK is an e-commerce company built on Creator innovation by a Creator for Creators. LTK drives more than $4B in annual brand sales by uniting Creators, brands, and shoppers through the power of original content.

Creator guided shopping has quickly become the preferred way to shop, and the LTK app is built with that mission in mind. More shoppers are turning to LTK Creators for a guided shopping experience to help them save both time and money. 


According to LTK data:

  • Nearly 80% of Gen Z shoppers shop from Creators today.
  • 92% of Gen Z shoppers rely on Creators to inform their purchases across virtually every category. 

Creators have built significant consumer trust with their shopping communities as they look to Creators to make purchase decisions, according to LTK data

  • 73% of Gen Z shoppers look to Creators for purchase decisions.
  • 68% of Millennial shoppers look to Creators for purchase decisions.
  • 57% of the general population shoppers look to Creators for purchase decisions.

Major brands also understand that trust between Creators and their communities. According to LTK insights, a majority of brands say shoppers trust Creators the most compared to social media ads and celebrities. LTK makes shopping easy with it’s app features that include:


Buy Now with LTK Cart:

Buy Now

Modern shoppers expect personalized, efficient, and safe shopping with authentic products and LTK is designed to deliver on those expectations. The launch of Buy Now with LTK Cart means shoppers have the ability to directly and securely purchase multiple products from brands and retailers—recommended by the Creators they follow and trust—all without ever leaving the LTK app. 

Buy Now brands include:
  • Lucchese Bootmaker
  • Misa Los Angeles
  • Buffbunny
  • Roe Wellness
  • Heidi Merrick
  • Dazey LA
  • And many more!

Shop LTK Buy Now brands: HERE!




LTK Comments help Creators deepen their relationships with their community directly on their LTK Shop. For the first time, Creators and shoppers will now be able to message directly, in an open community forum, on Creators’ LTK Shops. LTK launched the feature to enable shoppers to connect directly with the Creators they love, and in turn, LTK Comments empowers Creators to nurture their most valuable followers-their shoppers. 


Gift Guides:

GiftHer Beauty GiftsPrice

LTK Creators are helping shoppers find the best presents, decor, and deals this holiday season with curated LTK Gift Guides. Discover the hottest gifts this year according to LTK Creators: HERE!


Deals tab:

Deals Tab

The Deals tab was added to the LTK app’s main navigation as a dedicated destination built to highlight Creators’ sale finds from top brands. The Deals tab automatically pulls in product deals and sales curated by hundreds of thousands of LTK Creators to help shoppers easily discover and shop in one location.  Shop the LTK Deals tab: HERE!


A glimpse at LTK: 

  • 30M+ monthly LTK shoppers
  • 7K+ brands across 100 countries
  • A community of hundreds of thousands of top-tier Creators
  • 700+ global team members 
  • LTK app, a platform to easily shop curated content
  • LTK app that offers convenience, accessibility and data-driven personalization for shoppers




About LTK

As the inventor of Creator Commerce, LTK is the trusted and effective platform for creators and their businesses by powering and monetizing the connection between content and commerce. Founded in 2011 by Amber and Baxter Box, the LTK mission is to empower creators to be as economically successful as possible. Premium lifestyle creators in 150+ countries drive more than $4 billion in annual retail sales through the LTK platform. Today, 30 million consumers turn to LTK Creators in the LTK shopping platform each month to find inspiration and instantly shop the styles recommended by their favorite creators. And, more than 7,000 brands partner with LTK to gain access to its global creator network for content that converts against performance-driven, cross-channel KPIs. LTK is headquartered in Dallas, TX and currently operates on five continents. To download the LTK shopping app, search for LTK in the App Store or Google Play.



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