How Do Influencers Get Paid?

    March 14, 2022


    Learn how influencers earn more as LTK Creators


    Influencers dominate social media and can reach thousands of followers daily, while mega influencers can reach up to millions. According to the LTK Influential Shopper Study, 38 percent of the US population shop via influencers regularly and influencer marketing is projected to be worth $13.8 billion in 2021 alone. 

    So, how does an influencer get a piece of the pie and generate earnings?

    There are several ways an influencer can make money:

    1. Commissionable links provide a steady stream of revenue where an influencer shares a link to a product and makes a commission off the product purchased by the user. The most successful creators use an online shop as their hub.
    2. Sponsored content (or brand collaborations) occur when a creator and brand mutually agree upon a shared promotional campaign to generate awareness or sales over a specific period of time. 
    3. Brand ambassadors negotiate a long-term relationship with a brand in which they promote products together to build brand awareness and/or goodwill.
    4. Product lines like clothing, home goods, jewelry, beauty products, and skincare can be major revenue streams. For the biggest influencers, a brand may agree to jointly create and sell a shared product line. Other influencers may choose to design and sell their own product line as a separate business.
    5. Event appearances have become increasingly popular forms of marketing. Influencers attend marketing events for an agreed rate to promote product launches, brands and services to generate a buzz before, during and after these promotional events. 

    As influencer marketing continues to grow, there is an oversaturation of influencers and some don’t have the right resources or tools to ensure or maintain a return on the brand’s investment. That’s where LTK comes in. 

    LTK is built on creator innovation. As a company, we drive more than $2.9B in annual sales by bringing more than 5,000 brands, 150,000 creators, and 8M shoppers together monthly through original content. Our influencers inspire shoppers through their messaging, define retail trends, and drive purchase confidence. 

    There are many benefits to being an LTK Creator from boosting your earning potential, to maintaining an ongoing revenue stream, to gaining access to brand collaborations. 

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    LTK Creators

    As an approved LTK Creator, you get exclusive access to: 

    • Your personalized LTK Shop on the LTK App with more than 8M monthly shoppers
    • More than 5,000 brands, including collaboration opportunities based on performance
    • Retargeting to remind your followers to return to your promoted products
    • Innovative technology for Price Drop Alerts and Post Push Notifications to your shoppers from the LTK App 
    • Easy tools to quickly create shoppable links, widgets, collections, and gift guides
    • Valuable insights, performance reporting, and data about your business
    • Small business support and one-on-one growth consulting


    LTK Creator Checklist

    Before you can begin earning from your shoppable content there are three things you need to be an approved LTK Creator:

    • A public social media profile (make sure your account is not set to private!)
    • A significant and engaged social media following on at least one social platform
    • High-quality, shoppable content posted regularly .
      • Pro Tip: Most LTK Creators post at least once daily.
      • Tag brands that are featured in your posts. 

    Once you have curated a highly engaged social media profile with high-quality shoppable content and have been approved as an LTK Creator you can begin earning.

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    LTK Creators earn money in two primary ways:

    1. Commissions from sold products: Brands compensate a creator when their followers use their links to purchase their recommended, vetted products—this is where LTK comes into play! We provide you with the tools to create links to your favorite products to share with your audiences across any platform including the LTK App, where millions of app users can shop your content!
    2. Brand collaborations: Creators are paid an agreed rate, based on LTK’s 10 years of proprietary performance data, for creating and/or sharing content; this could be sponsored blog posts, IG Stories,YouTube videos, etc. At LTK, we connect you with more than 5,000 brands across the globe who are looking for influencers just like you that can drive earnings and brand awareness.


    Creators Love LTK

    Sarah + Philipa | @wearetwinset: “We’ve been using LTK for 5 years now! All the tools and analytics help us to make sales, grow our brand, and work with dream brands.”

    Lois Opoku | @loisopoku: “What I like most about LTK is the super-simple functionality. I can enable my followers to shop my outfits with just one click.”


    We help influencers grow their audience, strategize shoppable content, and track audience behavior to maximize earning potential. Apply below to join a network of like-minded creators and entrepreneurs and start growing your business today!  




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