LTK Creators share advice for aspiring influencers

July 20, 2022

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Influencers become their own brand when fueled by LTK 


Influencers dominate social media and can reach thousands of followers daily, but how can they successfully monetize their shoppable content and build their business? The answer is simple—by joining the LTK community. LTK is an influencer marketing hub where our Creators are powered by Creator Commerce, enabling them to earn more and quickly grow their businesses. 

LTK is a company built on Creator innovation by a Creator for Creators. LTK drives more than $3B in annual brand sales by uniting Brands, Creators, and Shoppers through the power of distributed original content. LTK Creators have sat at the center of our mission since day one, due to their ability to authentically inspire their shoppers through curated messaging. They define retail trends by providing fit, function, and value to drive purchase confidence.

Are you ready to join a community of entrepreneurs? 




LTK drives earnings for influencers, content creators and bloggers, but don’t just take it from us. Hear from some of our top Creators who are sharing advice to new and aspiring LTK Creators.


mallykgoldman ltk creator

“Go for it and have fun doing it! Share what you love and be your unique, authentic self and everyone will love you. Lean on the support of the LTK team too! Shop the sales and post your picks! Save people time by doing the work for them and presenting them with the best of the best. Everyone loves a good deal! Make sure to share the pieces you love, but also affordable options.”
—Mallory, @mallykgoldman 


celebstyleguide ltk creator

“Have a clear niche and plan for your LTK brand and business. Be consistent with posting, post extra shoppable photos that are exclusively on LTK, and make sure to link currently in stock items from your top performing retailers.”
—Heather, @celebstyleguide 


allysoninwonderland ltk creator

“Let your audience know that everything you feature is easily found and shoppable on the LTK App.”
—Allyson, @allysoninwonderland 


Lifeoncedarlane ltk creator

“It may seem intimidating to take the first step  but my best advice is to go for it! I could have never imagined the possibilities or imagined the business I would create in just a few years! And it all started from applying to be a LTK Creator! You’ll never know if you don’t try!
—Andrea, @lifeoncedarlane  


fashionablyjess ltk creator

“Find your niche and build your brand on this! Seek out how you can best serve your audience’s wants and needs. Deliver quality products that you know they will love, while building trust and loyalty! Have fun with your community because this truly is the best job out there! I recommend getting to know your followers by polling your audience frequently, so you can know how to best serve them. Stick to your style and your taste, because that’s why they started following you. Create a community in which you serve. Help them by taking the work out of their shopping! My readers love try-on hauls, so I make sure to do at least 2-3 per week, as well as frequent beauty tutorials! I look at my community as my girlfriends, and I always make sure to tell them when I have scored an amazing product!
—Jess, @fashionablyjess 


heynasreen ltk creator

“I love to create my content ahead of time and have it ready in the LTK App to pulse out as I choose! Be consistent, that is key.”
—Nasreen, @heynasreen 


getyourprettyon ltk creator

Just dive in! Progress over perfection. You don't have to know everything to get started. You will get better, it will get easier. Just get started, be authentic and put yourself out there. Linking collages is a great way to earn without actually having to shop for the exact pieces. This is especially helpful for beginners, who may feel they need to do a lot of shopping to be a Creator. My product collages perform just as well as the content where I'm actually wearing items.”
—Alison, @_getyourprettyon 


jenniferlake feed 1

“Stay committed to the process and find your own voice. LTK is a platform and community where you get as much as you put into it (and so much more). Invest time in understanding your LTK Analytics to see what items and brands are resonating with your audience.”
—Jennifer, @jenniferlake 


cocoincashmere ltk creator

“My advice for a new LTK Creator is to post as often as possible. For me though, linking my LTKs through my Instagram Stories has been a game changer.”
—Lindsay, @cocoincashmere


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