rewardStyle and are now LTK. Now, all partners will know us as one single global brand name: LTK.

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Brand FAQ-UK 2021

Jun 30, 2021




How will this impact me?

Nothing will change in how you do business with us.

You will have the same daily contacts, access and processes without interruption. Eventually, our URLs and email addresses will update overtime and we will keep you updated on those changes. 


Why the name change?

We changed our name to clarify and simplify who we are. rewardStyle and our #1 rated shopping App is being consolidated into LTK to avoid confusion and reinforce the company’s position as the first and largest platform scaling and tracking influencer marketing for the world's biggest and upcoming brands.


Do you have new owners?

No.  We have not sold our company and do not have new owners.  The name change is not a merger or an acquisition. It is simply consolidating rewardStyle and 


Does this change our agreements with your company?

No, our legal entity remains rewardStyle, Inc and the name change has no impact on any agreement you have with the company. 


Does this change or affect accounting?

No, there are no changes with the exception of email and URL updates which can be made over time. Our legal entity, banking information and all accounting processes remain unchanged.